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I noticed major discrepancies between several of your players and your roster spreadsheet after our game last night. 

    1.  ILB Greenway is supposed to be silver instead of gold. 
    2.  Your original 4 gold players have an extra ability. Peterson, Moss and Carter all have 4 abilities instead of 3.  Randle has 3 instead of 2. 
    3.  You have 2 restricted abilities on offense. Allowed 1 per side of ball. 
    4.  Silver CB Lee has speed burner. Only allowed on gold.

Typically we have 4 gold players with 3 regular abilities each (12 total) to maximize the gold tier and ability limit.  Your posted roster has 4 gold players with a total of 11 abilities (2 restricted on offense). But your team last night had 5 gold players with 18 abilities (2 restricted on offense). Your point total would be WAY above the limit. 

Considering the above, your team didn’t comply with the team build rules resulting in an unfair advantage. Therefore if you correct your team build and repost your roster, I would be willing to replay our game. 

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@Lord Destro corrected my roster. I'm not sure if I'll have time to catch up but the 1st day I'll be available to play is Saturday. I'm also working from home all of next week. Anyone and everyone, come one come all. Whether we were scheduled to play already or not get@me. Hopefully I'll get caught up.

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Your posted roster still has errors. 

1. Carter total pts is only 60. Should be 121

2. Randle total pts is only 60. Should be 83  (it looks like lines 2 & 3 of spreadsheet are broken)

3.  Peterson and Carter both have a restricted ability. Only 1 is allowed on each side of the ball. 

4.  Silver CB Lee has Speed Burner. Only allowed on Gold tier players. 

So if your gold points were added up correctly your gold tier abilities would total 421 which is 36 above the limit. 


Please repost corrected spreadsheet and fix your roster to agree with said spreadsheet.  Btw, what is the different league you are in?


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Up 17 - 0 at the half 'da Bears were in cruise control. Then Jim McMahon threw a interception & just like that the tide turned. 'Da Bears hung on for a 17 - 10 win. GG @Lord Destro POG Allen Robinson (3 receptions for 84 yards & a TD)



208                     63            145               98.6           0


197                     105             92              89.0           1

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After an hour of connection issues, it took turning my cell phone into a hot spot in order to get the game started. The Redskins, with the fan-made alternate uniforms, finally got their first win of the season.  Good game, @dazzo47 and thanks for your patience.

Screenshot (95).png


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