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How I made 30 million in Elite Sunday

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I prefer trying new and different things, and that's why Sunday while hanging around in Elite Dangerous with Spyrle and Jetty I suggested we try a new way to make money by running Planetary Scanner missions in Quince about 400 ly away.

It was so successful that later that night we did it again with Rider and Macebyte joining in.

Now I'm at the point where I can make between 5-7 million in one 15 minute run, not bad at all.

Here's how we do it:

1) Start with a ship that has a long range hyperspace jump capability with fuel scoop, 16-30 cargo capacity, and an SRV and then head to Millerport in the Quince system. For me it was 400ly away and took me 32 jumps as my max jump range is only 19ly, but for some it only took 18 jumps in their Asp Ex.

Note: There are no shipyards or markets near Quince

2) Once there, donate around 1 mill to factions to become "cordial," and then they will start giving you Quince planetary scan jobs, ALL of which can be done at a single spot on the nearby planet. After a few trips you will become friendly then Allied.

3) If your rep changes while in the mission board you will need to ore-open it for the new missions to become available. And uf you really want to load up on scanner missions (can carry up to 20 at a time) sometimes you need to switch between open, pg and solo to get more missions to spawn faster.

Note: If in a wing of SRVs only one person in the wing has to scan for everyone to get the data :-)

Note: Once you're allied many (but not all) of the missions are worth 500K-1mill

4) All the Quince planetary scan missions are at the closet planet. Head towards the planet and when you get close you'll get a bunch of updates which you can ignore, but throttle back so you can look at your Left panel and select the first "Search Zone" (building, outpost, etc) target on the planet and select it as your target.

6) Head towards the target, and as it's a search mission as you get close to the target it will move a few times, just keep folowing it

7) Land near the final target and get in your SCV and drives towards it, but keep an eye on the map as not to drive into the "red" trespassing area, not yet.

NOTE: Sometimes there will be no trespassing area - yay!

8) Next, find the thing you need to scan which looks like a fat telescoping antenna, white on the bottom and red at the top, and drive around the outside of the trespass area to line up with it.

9) Get in your SRV turret, aim at the target and drive in quickly (right trigger) to about 10 feet from the target.

10) Quickly select the target using "A" then scan it using "left bumper" then hit reverse (Left trigger) asap when done

NOTE: You can't select the target if youre too close or too far away

NOTE: If you're fast enough you will not get a bounty on yourself and have to leave the system after the 8 minute wait time

11) Now all your missions (up to 20) have just been completed, and all you need to do is head back to your ship, then return to base and turn in all your missions!

12) Here's a youtuber's video of the process



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