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Shawn T

The Near Future: VR for the masses

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Science Fiction is becoming Science Fact!

As someone who owns an Oculus Rift, I can confidently say I believe we are likely only one ot two hardware generations away from a VR solution for the masses.

While the Oculus and other platforms work well, they have a few shortcomings that seem to be holding them back.

The first is price.

The Vive is $800, and the Rift is $600, and both require a fairly beefy PC.

In fact, Playstation VR is the most affordable at $500, but only the future will tell if the PS4 will be able to run any "killer" VR apps.

The next issue is one of resolution.

Sometimes "in game" on today's models you will notice a screen door effect which is caused by having the "less than 1080p" screens close enough that you can make out individual pixels.

This resolution issue also sometimes makes objects far away seem a little pixelated or jaggy.

And finally, the lower resolution means less field of view, which also results in a blurry effect if you are no looking straight ahead. Basically, if you want to look at something and not see it blurry you need to tun your head to look at it straight on, and not just look in it's direction with your eyes.

And the final issue is one of comfort.

Of the current gen of VR HMD (head mounted displays) the PSVR is said to be the most comfortable. I'm not sure if this is because of it's design, or because some of the hardware (and weight) was removed to a separate box.

That said, for VR to ever be accepted by the masses the headsets will need to be comfy, light, and allow nearsighted people to keep their glasses on without having to order a special "narrow" set of frames.


So what do you think?

Are we only one or two generations of hardware away from the future of mass adoption of VR?

Please feel free to post your thoughts below,

Shawn T,

Fan of Science, Technology, and Sci Fi

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I'd REALLY like to get one of these headsets but the price is the biggest factor for me right now.  If I was just getting the headset I MAYBE (very BIG MAYBE) would be able to get it but I'd need a better PC and even if I wanted the psvr I'd need a PS4 and I'd most likely would want the PS4 pro for the beefier specs so that will cost!  Lots of speculation that VR will come to the Xbox but I have a feeling that will probably be scorpio only and not the current x1 models, we'll see.  

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I was very skeptical about VR as a whole until I had the chance to try the Samsung Gear VR. Although the only programs that were loaded on the phone were demos, I was VERY impressed with how well the whole thing worked. The motion as you moved your head around was extremely responsive, much more so than I thought it would be. 

One of the apps was a mine car ride. Pretty simple, right? That thing had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire ride and I was actually moving around with the mine car. Being able to look around and see firefly's and dragons flying around only helped to immerse myself in this 'simple' demo. And, this was only a phone powering the experience. I can't imagine what a dedicated unit, powered by a modern PC could do.

So, now I'm sold on the whole VR thing. BUT, price is the biggest obstacle for me. Maybe by the time I've picked one up, the other issues you mentioned will be addressed! 

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I'm hoping the XBOX One Scropio supports multiple headsets already on the market - like the Vive and Oculus, and some of the new ones coming from other big electronics manufacturers.

I'm also on the lookout for the next gen of the Gear VR headset / Phone combo as my phone is really showing it's age... not sure if it will launch with the Galaxy S8 this spring or Note 8 this fall?

It's like four months away, but I really hope MS will give us Scorpio details at E3!

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