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CAG NFL rules

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- We follow the rules
- We put sportsmanship first
- We respect each other on the field, after the game and in the forum
- We play all 8 games (win or lose)
- We enjoy competing (win or lose)
- Winning team posts 'player of the game' with stats after the game
- We forward the schedule the day after the deadline to keep the league moving
- We suggest not waiting until the last day to play your game
There is a HUGE emphasis on sportsmanship in this league. We are here for the love of the game. Win or lose, we say GG to our opponent and treat him with respect. If rules violations come up, we try to handle them as amicably as possible and give our opponent the benefit of the doubt (i.e. handle it like adults, no nasty PMs) and own up to a mistake if you make it.

Not a rule, but for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of your opponent we should all vary our play calling. Mix it up, have fun and keep your opponent guessing!

I. No manually blocking field goals or punts. You may only use default shifts on FG/punt block attempts (i.e. you cannot manually reposition players on FG/punt blocks ever for any reason)
II. No quick snapping (give the defense 5-7 seconds to set up once you are under center. If you shift formation, flip the play, or motion a man, allow all your offensive players to get set and give your opponent at least 5 seconds to adjust before snapping the ball; You may snap the ball when a FB is in motion in the backfield. )
*Note: You can run a hurry up offense and quick snap if the clock is running under 2 minutes at the end of either half.
III. No cadence (calling 'hut hut hut' to draw defense off sides)
IV. Punt the ball on 4th down (unless you are kicking a FG, inside your opponents 40 yard line or behind in the 4th quarter).  Note: One time per game; each team can go for it outside of the posted rules -  but only in a 4th and 2 (or less) situation. 
V. No hurdling (bunny hopping)
VI. You can only run No-huddle in these three situations: 1.) Inside 2 min of the 1st half; 2.) Down by 10+ in the 2nd half; 3.) Down by any amount in the 4th qtr
VII. Hot corner routes are forbidden for all receivers and running backs (not just outside receivers). (This is taking your WR and hot routing him to the corner)
VIII. Penalties are part of the game. Generally you should accept them all except for the non blatant late hit penalties (decline them). Also do not accept penalties you caused when (1) you put a man in motion and the CB hits a lineman following the WR or (2) you are in hurry up offense and you accidentally snap the ball before the defense is across the line.
IX. Fade routes are NOT permitted in this league.
*Note: Fade Stops, Fade Outs, Inside Fades are acceptable. You can use them as often as you want.
X. Banned Plays: Defense - Double Trouble; Offense - PA TE Z Spread (Triple Right and a few other places)
XI. You may only reposition a player you intend to manually blitz using the default pre-programmed LB and DB shifts. Exception: 3rd or 4th down and inches or on the goal line.
XII: You may not manually reposition D-linemen in any situation.
XIII: Don't manually move a player on a punt return before the snap of the ball
XIV: Substitutions - the following are forbidden Substitutions:
-You can sub OLB at DE in Nickel and Dime formations if they have a pass rushing ability (Pass Rush Bonus, Sack Master or any pass rush move)
-You cannot sub a LB at any DB spot except Nickle or Dime back
-You cannot sub a WR or TE or any defensive player at HB/FB.  You can use the default plays that have the TE in the backfield but you cannot throw a pass to him unless you motion him out of the backfield (and allow the defense time to adjust).

-You can sub a TE as a slot WR (in Trips/Bunch, either the innermost or outermost) once per formation; You cannot sub a TE as an outside WR
-You cannot sub a WR as a TE or T-eligible
-All Gold returners must have the Return Specialist ability

XV: If you have an unintentional late hit that stops the clock in your favor (whether you have the ball or not) with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game - burn one of your time outs. You should never do this intentionally to stop the clock. 



Any hex numeric editing will result in a lifetime ban from the league.
We have played a thousand games collectively and we will know.


If a game drops (network error) in the middle of a game...
If the score is tied, restart from beginning or whatever the 2 of you agree on
(e.g. if you have played almost 2 quarters, you may agree to play just 1 half)
If the game is not tied, the team with the lead will decide to:
1) start over (the only option if you want real stats) with score at 0-0
2) play x number of quarters (if it drops in the 3rd he can choose to play 2 quarters) and add x number of points
3) attempt to get game near current situation (play 2 minutes, team x up by 4, team y has the ball).
It is important to exchange several messages so both players are on the same page.
e.g. OK, we will play 2 qtrs (game over at halftime), your ball, we will add 4 points to your score
at the end of 2 quarters and we will report the score to the league.

If you need any clarification on these rules - please ask. Thanks.


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Rule XV added (effective immediately): 


XV: If you have an unintentional late hit that stops the clock in your favor (whether you have the ball or not) with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game - burn one of your time outs. You should never do this intentionally to stop the clock. 

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