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osiris prime

From the ashes rises a phoenix??? Yes, this is Nintendo News!!

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The Nintendo Switch is what the NX will now be called, not a bad name.  Why switch?  You can play as a console in your home or snap in a couple of mini controllers to the side of the unit, which is in a docking station, and then take it on the go.  Check out the link for more info and some games that will be on the system:


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This thing looks so cool. With the Zelda game being an open world type of game (like Skyrim), I might wait for this instead of picking up a Wii U. :) 

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I t looks like a nice mix of console to handheld. Nintendo isn't known for it's power, so I would say this is not going to be a system by the numbers, more of convenience. I think the concept of bring your switch over we can do some around the table MP (LAN Party style) is a great thing. I am also seeing a compact game similar to SD Card? I like that. 

Something tells me there will be a topic about this on a Pod Cast I listen to. I am sure those guys are going to have a bunch of opinions on this one... ;)

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I forsee a podcast of just gushing (complaining?) about this system in the future!!  I'm actually pretty excited about this system the more I see/read about it.  Even though I'm getting Skyrim ultimate edition on the One I may buy it also on the Switch, play at home and then play at work on my lunch break, YEAH BUDDY!!  This is why I like Nintendo they go for the goofy off the wall stuff (at least as of late). 

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