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Do games made for the Xbox 1.5 and PS4.5 have to work on the original consoles?

Do games for the Xbox 1.5 or PS4.5 have to also run on the original console?  

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  1. 1. Do games for the Xbox 1.5 or PS4.5 have to also run on the original console?

    • Yes - it's done on the PC all the time
    • No - it's ok for games to only support the .5 models

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A couple of weeks ago Phil Spencer with Microsoft hinted at an updated Xbox One with more power.

Then at GDC there were all kinds of rumors about a PS4.5 that would support 4K gaming.

I think both companies should go for it, but with one caveat: all games made for the .5 versions must also run on the previous version.

What? Yeah, that's what I think!

In fact, I think it's a must in order no to segment this console generation.

And since Windows' games have supported different resolutions for decades, I honestly don't think it would be hard to do.

So say Destiny 2 might still be limited to something like 900p on the XBOX 1.0, but the very same game and disc in the Xbox 1.5 could run at either 1080p or 4k. Same ideaa for the PS4 v 4.5.

In fact, the only difference between this and PCs is that each console would likely only had 2 versions, where PC's come in many performance levels.

So, that's what I think - what do you think?

Please vote in the poll and post below to share YOUR thoughts!


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It is an absolute must for them to work on older consoles otherwise they may as well go back to releasing a system every 2 years.  they could even make it so that its nothing more than an updated texture pack update at install (no different thandownloading 20gb worth of day 1updates for some titles..cough chief collection..cough)





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Console 'upgrades' for any current gaming system have been happening ever since the original NES. But the one thing they all have in common is that any game for that current gen will work on any version of the console. If games designed for the upgraded console don't work for the original, then it's a whole new console. Period.

So I agree, the designers should have no problem programming a game to recognize which version of the system it's being played on and adjust whatever would be necessary to play on either system. It should be way easier than PC programmers, because they would have a standard set of specs to work with instead of having to anticipate what kind of machines the game would be played on.

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Agreed DRR. I said kind of the same thing on BoG. The Internet seems to be flipping out over this news and it's no different than what has been going on for the last 40 years. The Atari 2600 had multiple models, ColecoVision had multiple models, the PS1, 2, and 3 all introduced a hardware refresh during their lifecycle. I think the PS2 did like three. In some cases, this was just a form-factor change, but in many cases it was a processor bump, better cooling, sometimes chips were consolidated or the sound card was bumped up 8-bits in resolution. The XBox 360 had multiple white-chassis SKUs with different components before it got the Elite SKU, and then the black chassis units later. Nintendo also does this most of the time, especially on portable, but it's not like they're the only ones who do this and have exclusive sway over this pattern of console production, like I saw one article on the web try to proclaim.

And yeah, in every instance, except Nintendo with the 2015 February 3DS refresh, the games always work on every model. Nintendo fragmented the joint last year with a forward pass that allows some games to play on the new SKU that cannot be played on the older ones because they do not have the power.

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8 hours ago, Zeuxidamas said:

...............The Atari 2600 had multiple models, ColecoVision had multiple models, ....................

Ha! I never had either an Atari or ColecoVision. I thought Nintendo was the first with the top loader NES that came with the "dog bone" controller! :D 

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I've become totally oblivious to video game media and the interweb general drama, when it comes to hardware/specs of anything since the XB1 and PS4 announcement disasters at E3 a few years ago ...

So many people adamantly shouting about how this would fragment the consoles followings ... Have the people making the most noise never owned a PC ?  

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