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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta - Thoughts? Impressions?

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I wanted to start a thread for CoD beta thoughts and impressions.  I know there are some people playing to play on X1 this week, but with the PS4 beta being up for a week, I'm curious how the gameplay is.


Forbes seemed a little mixed on the beta:



What is your experience?

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I played exactly half a round on the PS4 when the beta went free for all PS players.  I'm terrible with the PS4 controller.  I meant to get back into it Sunday night and Monday night, but real life and fatigue got in the way. 


The beta drops for the Xbox One tonight, and I hope to play it quite a bit through the weekend.  I will report back.

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I downloaded it last night but was only able to play a couple of matches.  I played the same map in both matches and that map did seem a little small but I'm hoping the other maps are medium to large sized.  Didn't seem like the map really used the new jumping/wall running ability that well.  There are different classes (or as they call them specialists) you can choose from and there are about half of them available int he beta.  They have different abilites and a special weapon associated with each class.  That's all I saw for now, I should be playing with world and buc on Thursday and might try to get in tonight.

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Played for about an hour last night and my statement still stands that the maps seem too small.  I played 3 to 4 different maps and there was only one that was a decent size.  A few more details I learned were (and I forgot about this) you have infinite run, while each specialist has there own weapon and ability you don't start off with both right away.  You have to unlock them as you level up and receive tokens that you can unlock the abilities, perks and weapons (gun attachments just unlock as you level up and you don't have to spend tokens).  Not sure if you can have your ability and the special weapon active at the same time as I haven't unlocked both yet. 

  I've always favored the Black Ops series over the other COD games (Modern warfare, ghosts) except for maybe Advanced Warfare, I thought they breathed some new life into the series with the Exo Suits.  One other thing I noticed, I'm not sure if matchmaking is turned on because you get into games pretty quick (I played Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed) and the scores were never close on all the games I played.  Whether I was on the losing or winning team the margin was usually around 20 points or more.  I played about a dozen games in total the past couple of days the margin was just about always the same.  There's either no matchmaking or people are just getting used to the new movement, I hope the latter!

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I actually appreciated the skill based matchmaking in Advanced Warfare. I never felt like I was too outclassed. However, the YouTubers didn't like it because they couldn't record 100-0 gameplay against similarly skilled opponents, so SBMM became something that the majority hated.

I'm in favor of it staying in the game.

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Still seemed one sided when we played last night for the most part, although there were a couple of games where it was actually only a few point margin.  For the most part, excpet for that one match, we would jump into games pretty quick so not sure what the deal is there.  I don't know if it's just me or they might have also shortened the time in between matches when you have the same group of people playing.  In this game I'm barely able to go through the after match report and then make any changes to my loadouts.  In past games I had plenty of time, I think I'd rather have it shortened though because some games it seems like it takes forever to get into the next match.

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