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Found 4 results

  1. My favorite movie is the original Time Machine (the remake was fine). Lot of time travel TV shows, especially lately, but I'd have to say Quantum Leap was my favorite, so far. It was a little different take on the genre as he didn't physically go through time but rather switched conciseness with someone in the past. So not only did you get to see the different time periods in the past but a little of the future. Another small difference was he could only travel within his life time so he couldn't go back to the dark ages or dinosaurs. I guess that was one way to keep the budget down so you didn't have to get too crazy with the sets (also no CG when this was out). What is your favorite?
  2. In the first season of Colony we find mankind living on an Earth where an Alien race has imposed a sort of marshal law. There's a curfew, limitations on travel, and law enforcement agencies have been replaced with "red hat" collaborators who show little mercy and are backed up by alien drones. All of this is already in place when Season 1 began, so when I realized that the Season 2 premiere was mostly focused on the the hours leading up to the aliens arrival I was quite intrigued. In retrospect, I have to say it was it was quite satisfying to learn the back stories of so man characters and sequence of events only hinted at in the original season, however I was left with little to know understanding of where season 2 is going. Hopefully, the next few episodes (which have already aired) will move the story forward and answer some of the questions like why the Aliens are here and what are they mining. That said, I wondering if anyone else is watching this show, and what do you think? Shawn T.
  3. Anyone watching Ransom? I just watched the first four episodes and really like it so far
  4. I noticed that Grey had mentioned he doesn't have cable/dish anymore and only streams now so I was wondering if anyone else has cut the cord? I've been without cable/dish for just under 3 yrs now and love not having to pay a car payment every month to watch TV. I currently use the following: Hardware - In my living room I have a Xbox One, Roku 3 and Wii u that can potentially stream content. I mainly use the Roku 3 to watch TV. I also have a Roku 2 XS in my basement with my Xbox 360, Wii and DVD/VHS Combo player. i also have a Chromecast that I'm not using since Youtube is on the Roku now. Content - I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus and bought a lifetime subscription to PlayOn. Hulu Plus lets me keep up to date (more or less) with whats on regular TV while Netflix lets me catch up with series I haven't seen or finished in the past along with Movies. PlayOn is software that you put on your PC that lets you stream there channels from the PC to there supported devices (most phones/tables, consoles, Roku's, etc...). They have access to alot of the cable channels like discovery, history, tlc, lifetime, etc but it's basically a On Demand so it's pulling from there website. So depending on what's on the website is what you can watch and they don't always have all there content just certain seasons or just certain episodes. I bought it along with PlayLater, which is a streaming DVR, for about $50. It was a sale and I think normally it's $99. i don't use the PlayLater feature only because my PC is old and can't handle it, it can barely keep up with streaming to my roku now and can't really do HD. The real reason I bought PlayON is it lets you add scripts that let you get even more content, kind of like the private channels on Roku. On the Roku I have over a hundred channels of various entertainment, that is where I watch Netflix, Hulu Plus and also have access to Youtube, Twitch (private channell), history, a&e (these 2 have free content but if you want to watch everything you need to have a satellite or cable subscription which to me is pointless), various fitness, cooking and a whole host of other channels I can't think of right now. It's funny, now that I don't have cabe/satellite I have more to watch then i ever did. So how do you watch TV????
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