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  1. Hey Grey, Hope everything is going well. We have been thinking of doing some new things with the show, one of which we already started by doing 2 shows a week. We have split up the format as of now we do what we play and topic of the week on one day and the other day we go through the news. This makes the shows a little shorter (usually, lol) and we are able to get out more content during the week. This could also change in the future, we are throwing different ideas around to change up the podcast. We might also start to do play sessions together and twitch/beam that also to put up as another piece of content. With all these changes (and more to come possibly) we were also thinking of moving away from the Band of Gamers name as it's starting to be different beast then when we first started.
  2. I'm good with just doing 2 segments. That way we don't have to rush through the last one. Maybe do the 2 segments, we still have to talk about the scorpio and there was a Nintendo direct that we can speak about also.
  3. Sorry guys, been fighting a sore throat and it wasn't getting any better so just didn't have it in me last night. Hopefully I'll be good for next week!
  4. Probably not going to make it tonight but I'm going to try.
  5. We can talk about it, it was really only the specs so not sure if it will take up alot of time. no price, games or release date.
  6. Updated the notes for next week and rearranged the order of the segments. I put news and topic of the week as one and two, I know we will more or less merge those 2 for next weeks show but I just put it like that for now. I do like having the doc as a outline for the show but we don't have to follow it verbatim just more of a good starting and ending point at the very least.
  7. Great show last night guys! I updated the notes for next week.
  8. Hope everything is ok and we'll keep the train on the tracks, more or less, lol! Zeux did you want to skip next weeks show since DB will be out? I'm good either way.
  9. I hosted (under the band of gamers account) last night and the show is up, not sure if you do anything else to it after the show.
  10. Notes are updated, keeping the same topic of the week (online game pass services) unless anyone wants to do something different and I should be able to make it this week.
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