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  1. Hey @dazzo47 Would you be able to get our game in tonight by 7:30 pm CT?
  2. Sorry for the very late response. I can do tonight at 7:30 pm CT if that is still okay.
  3. Hey man, can you play then tomorrow at about 8 pm CT?
  4. HOU 24-21 WAS (OT) The Oilers tried to kick the game winning field goal but it sailed wide left. In OT, the Skins got the ball but had to punt after a 3 and out. Warren Moon again led his offense inside the 10 yard line, where Del Greco redeemed himself and converted on a chip shot FG to win it. Total Yards: HOU 321-244 WAS Pass Yards: HOU 242-75 WAS Rush Yards: HOU 79-169 WAS Turnovers: HOU 0-1 WAS QB Rating: HOU 155.8 - 82.8 WAS Players of the game: HOU QB #1 Warren Moon (14/18, 242 yds, 2 TD) WAS RB #44 John Riggins (169 yds rushing) GG @Lord Destro
  5. They finally fixed it just now. So I can do tonight same hour.
  6. Hey papa Daz. I was just informed by my internet provider that they will need to change some of the infrastructure, so not sure if I will be 100% ready for an 8:00 pm ET start. I'll let you know, but I may need to postpone.
  7. HOU 13-10 BAL POG: HOU QB W. Moon (18/26, 190 yds) No stats due to connection drop right after the game. GG @tjspeaks!
  8. Sure! Thanks and see you then
  9. Hey papa Daz. Do you think you will be available throughout the week like say, Wednesday night? About 8:00 pm ET
  10. How about Tuesday at 8:00 pm ET
  11. Sure thing. what time works for you?
  12. That is good for me. We can shoot for tomorrow. Does 7:30 pm CT work for you?
  13. I am also working from home now, according to HR perhaps permanently, so you can lmk @NTQ03 what works for you.
  14. Yeah, let's do that when we play. Good stuff.
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