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  1. Yeah, and that is completely understandable. Just wanted to throw out there that if by any chance someone feels the same way I do, we could play 10 minute games.
  2. Note to everyone. The other day I played a 10 minute game and I kind of liked it better on every aspect. If someone prefers to play 10 minutes instead of 5, I'm all for it. I know many/must prefer 5 minutes because it gets games under an hour and are less exhausting. But with 10 minutes I feel I can actually run the ball and sustain a nice drive without consuming literally 30% of the game.
  3. Hey Mike, Can we push game for tomorrow? I got my internet installed but got caught up with work stuff. I'll make my team tonight and I am available for game tomorrow at any time, I'll be home all day and it is my day off. Something like 6 pm CT should work fine just to throw out a time, but you can lmk what works for you. Thank you.
  4. Hey Daz7. I will have my internet installed on Tuesday and will also start doing home office. Considering I get my internet installed on Tuesday, I am available to play ofn Wednesday by 6:30 pm CT or Friday pretty much all day long. I'll keep you posted, I will make my team probably tonight or Monday.
  5. Houston Oilers. Will use Titans/Oilers players.
  6. Sorry I've been absolutely nowhere, people. I apologise. I'm creating my team today and should be available to play tomorrow afternoon and Thursday (Around 6 pm CT). Thank you.
  7. Daz7 will provide results. It seems that it will never be my time. Toughest loss yet and I don't think a second place would be even remotely close. GG @dazzo0007.
  8. Let's do tomorrow (Wed) at 8:30 pm ET.
  9. DEN 20-03 CLE The Broncos continue with their strong season, defeating the tough Browns on the road. POG: QB Drew Lock (11/15, 255 yds, 2 TD) Stats: DENxCLE 297-Total Yards-157 255-Passing Yards-150 42-Rushing Yards-7 154.9-QBR-37.5 0-Turnovers-3 Very tough game, @aquickassasin
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