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  1. DEN 24-13 IND The Broncos, on now their third QB have seemingly found new life. QB Drew Lock shook off a first drive fumble in route to a 119.4 QB rating performance. Denver's secondary had a strong game racking up three picks. POG: QB Drew Lock (14/18, 148 yds, TD). Stats: DENxIND 200-Total Yards-121 148-Passing Yards-100 52-Rushing Yards-21 119.4-QBR-56.9 1-Turnovers-3 Great game, @dazzo0007 !
  2. @Lord Destro, @dazzo0007, @aquickassasin: I can most likely get a game in tonight if any of you are available. Also Tuesday and Wednesday nights could work.
  3. DEN 18-17 SF The Broncos survive on the road against the furious Niners. Down 17-12, Brandon Allen connects with POG WR DaeSean Hamilton for a 38 yd TD to take a 18-17 lead. SF stuffs the 2 pt attempt. Bradley Chubb forces a fumble on Matt Breida and DE Derek Wolfe recovers, Denver gets a couple first downs to seal it. POG WR DaeSean Hamiton (7 rec, 90 yds, TD) Stats DENxSF 234-Total Yards-330 189-Passing Yards-303 45-Rushing Yards-27 121.2-QB Rating-125.8 0-Turnovers-2 Great one, @NTQ03
  4. Sorry, I work on weekends. Any weekday at around 7 pm CT that you might have free?
  5. DEN 09-06 OAK SS Kareem Jackson gets a big time INT with less than 2 min left for the second straight week as Denver was trailing 6-3. QB Brandon Allen drives the Broncos down the field and K Brandon McManus ties the game as time expired. In OT, the Broncos won the toss and chose to receive. A good mix of run and pass plays set the scene for McManus to kick the game winner. The 46 yd FG went through as the Broncos escaped on the road against the Raiders and their incredible passing attack. POG: DEN SS Kareem Jackson Stats: DENxOAK 288-Total Yards-210 234-Passing Yards-212 54-Rushing Yards-(-)2 66.7-QBR-45.5 1-Turnovers-2 As always a great battle, @X2KFootballG0dX
  6. Apologies sim champ... does tomorrow work for you?
  7. BAL 10-13 DEN Denver engineers a 2 min drill drive and Brandon McManus kicks a short FG to take the lead 13-10, POG Kareem Jackson gets the game-sealing INT. POG DEN SS Kareem Jackson (2 INTs) No stats due to connection drop. GG @tjspeaks
  8. @tjspeaks, @johgreen05, @X2KFootballG0dX I will be free to play Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 pm CT to about 10 pm CT. Let me know please if any work for you. Thanks.
  9. CHI 14-21 DEN Wait, coach, didn't we play Chicago last week? - That is what the Broncos players said when they knew they had to face Papa Daz and the relentless Chicago Bears. With about a minute left, DEN FS Justin Simmons gets a crucial pick in DEN territory as the Bears were engineering a game-winning drive tied at 14. A few good passes put the Broncos at 3&4 at the CHI 34 yd line with :14 left. Denver played in conservatively, and ran the ball up the middle with POG RB Phillip Lindsay. The Broncos OL parted the red sea and Lindsay scored a 36 yd TD with :01 left. Denver squib kicked and ST made the tackle to secure their first win of the season. POG: DEN RB P. Lindsay (12 att, 107 yds, 2 TD). Stats: Total Yards | Pass Yards | Rush Yards | QB Rating | Turnovers CHI - 180 | CHI - 138 | CHI - 42 | CHI - 82.9 | CHI - 2 DEN - 196 | DEN - 89 | DEN - 107 | DEN - 126.7 | DEN - 0 Great one as always, papa Daz.
  10. On Friday I can play from 3:00 pm to 10 pm CT.
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