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  1. How do you suggest accomplishing this (in Excel)? I tried every possible way I know of to avoid having people to do it manually. As I do with every tool I deploy. I'd love to offer an unlocked, unhidden copy of the spreadsheet for you to edit and teach me another way as I've exhausted all ways I know. Taking words at their face value - "Simply" also doesn't show much appreciation. I'm taking this a bit personally simply because I've put in many hours in developing these tools for the betterment and enjoyment of the league for everyone else on my own time. So yes, when the complexities of these tools are overlooked and simplified, I take some of it to heart. Let's drop it. If next season doesn't meet your standards, no one will force you to participate. Other leagues are popping up.
  2. Um okay. Again, if youd like to offer up constructive criticism and a path forward of how to achieve your desired result. I'm all ears.
  3. Despised? Seems awfully strong. Suggestions are welcome.
  4. The first part I've already developed(to the Tee). The points, however are more difficult to implement with the tools we have. But im thinking of ways to get something like this to work.
  5. Hmmmmm You got the creative juices started @aquickassasin...
  6. Yes, can do either. No easier/ harder for me
  7. Maybe a fantasy draft of current NFL players? I've gone thru the whole NFL and have abilities and tiers assigned based on PFF data. I could gather that and tweak it to fit CAG rules...?
  8. Let's give it some more time to hear what others have to say. If there are no objections, I can have something put together.
  9. I have the tools to do that. I think that's the idea we're throwing around
  10. While I liked the fictional players and draft to build a team, I remember the exaggerated body builds as not being my favorite after starting the season. If there's enough interest from legit players, I may consider it as an alternate to take charge of.
  11. @Lord Destro, Are you asking from the perspective of an alternate league? I just wish we could import roster in Javos editor to use online instead of exclusively offline. If that were possible, the possibilities could be endless...
  12. Hopefully this new interface simplifies things for everyone
  13. All, Effective for next season, a new version of the spreadsheet is provided in the first post of the team build rules:
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