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  1. Angellus

    New Rig!

    In the end, I kept the 3 ROGs and built myself my own PC with double GTX 980's... less money and much faster!!!
  2. Angellus

    New Rig!

    I just replaced it for the MSI Titan SLI, so now I am testing it. The problem I have now it that I cannot run 3 ROG screens because it only has 2 DP outs!
  3. Angellus

    New Rig!

    I just got myself the ultimate PC RIG! - and spent all the money I don't have in it! 3 x ROG Swift Monitors 1 x Alienware Area 51 R2 with dual GTX 980's Hope it was worth it!
  4. But it has to be Android based then?
  5. But you will be able to stream games a la Sony...
  6. What about when the cop comes knocking because of the "noise complaint"? Ha!
  7. Anyone looking into the new Shield console just announced? At 199 with controller included it seems like we finally have PC gaming power for everyone, or not? Angellus
  8. Does it work with any phone?
  9. Are there any new FS games coming out anymore??
  10. Interstelar and John Wick... best "oh" in the history of cinema!
  11. ok. now I'm missing something. When did this change? Do I have to register again???
  12. Finally I completed the saga, F.E.A.R. 3, after so many years. I considered it to be a great shooter and a cool story to follow. This put me thinking.... how many "sagas" are my fellow CAG members still looking to complete??? Angellus
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