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  1. Destro, NTQ, Ramos and AA I can play tonight after 7pm Central if anyone is available. Times the rest of the week will be the same. LMK
  2. Raiders repel a comeback from the playoff veteran Colts and win the Championship 22-8 POG Raiders D coming up with big picks when it counted. GG Dazzo0007!!!!
  3. I should have my roster done by this weekend. Work has been hectic.
  4. @dazzo0007 I can play Wed,Thurs after 7pm central. LMK
  5. Raiders move on to the CAG bowl with a win over the undefeated Chicago Bears 28-14 POG Raiders defense with 6 picks. GG FLossin!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Raiders hold off a fierce comeback by the offensive powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs POG Vontae Burfict with a tie killing drive late in the fourth, GG JG 22!!!!
  7. Raiders keep their playoff hopes alive with a win over the playoff bound Colts 31-14 POG it sure isn't special teams lol Raiders D for keeping the Colts out of the Endzone for 3 qtrs. GG Daz0007
  8. Raiders over the Chiefs 38-24 POG Raiders Defense to do just enough to keep the Chiefs powerful offense off balance. GG JG22!!!
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