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  1. Thursday at 8 est I should be available. LMK
  2. Raiders remain unbeaten with a win over the tough Colts 21-10 POG MLB Nick Moreau who forced a fumble on the 2 yard line and DT Maurice Hunter scooped it up for the TD GG Dazzo0007!!!!
  3. let me know if you are available tonight. I can be on at 830 est
  4. available tonight? I can be on a 730 CT
  5. Sorry been busy as heck at work. If you cannot play tonight at 930 est. I can play tomorrow at 830 est. LMK
  6. Raiders withstand a fierce comeback by the Ravens and hold on 21-14 POG Raiders special teams by not allowing a game changing onside kick GG TJ!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lets shoot for tomorrow at 8 central.
  8. Sorry about yesterday didn't get home from work until 930. I can play tonight and tomorrow I can play pretty much all day.
  9. I will be available Wed after 7pm central. probably the same the rest of the week, LMK
  10. Raider get a tough win over the league leading Bears and Coach Daz 26-3 No stats due to network error POG Raiders D with 2 Pick 6 GG sir Daz!!!!!
  11. Lets shoot for Wed Daz...
  12. Ill be available Wed after 7pm central. LMK
  13. Raiders start the season with a win over the tough Redskins and new coach Ronin 30-7 POG Derek Carr 11-19 282 yds 4 TDs 0 picks. LV WAS Passing 282 71 Rushing 7 11 Total 289 82 TO 0 4 QBR 142.0 32.2 GG!! MasterlessRonin
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