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  1. xbox needs to take the rights away from 2k an open them up so there can be some competition.
  2. MLB is at least on xbox now, I have watched several games.
  3. How is it? I think they need it on xbox.. I heard it was better than 2k?
  4. I haven't seen a pachinko machine in years, I used to own one as a kid that came from a casino. It even had burn marks around the cigarette ash tray. Was a blast, and had those little metal balls all over the house. Good stuff, nice find!
  5. Hello all, I am DriveYourAceOff and was a member of CAG long ago. My friends list is still mostly full of CAG gamers so I look forward to visiting with you all again, and getting some gaming in. I currently work 2 jobs (taxes so that ends mid April), family with sports, and full time college student as well, so I stay very busy but I usually manage to get online late.
  6. I would be game for some Burnout Revenge racing, just don't know when, two jobs, family, and college.. But I can try if I know in advance.
  7. what a great idea, I've signed up for the one that I have as well, once again, great idea!
  8. It's a rental for me also, I'll be dropping my money in Fable II first
  9. ack, still not the orriginal GRAW, I'd like to finish the co-op on this one first
  10. How about the original GRAW? anyone for that one?
  11. I just got it this past week as well
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