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  1. Likely tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll be out of town Fri-Mon
  2. @dazzo47What’s a good time for you?
  3. I’d root for the Redskins if Smith was the QB
  4. The 3 games I played yesterday were all by challenging a friend.
  5. You forgot one dead battery
  6. That’s 4pm pacific right? That might work. I play TJ at 5 pacific. That’ll put me at 5 games complete I think? I won’t have to worry about changing abilities because my record will still be below 500 or whatever the rule is.
  7. Was JUST about to message you and ask what next season is lol. I think I’m gonna to keep my team the way it is. There is one thing I’ve been thinking about doing, but haven’t committed to it 100% yet. It’s going to be HIGHLY unique, I might end up saving it for the NFL season. I have been trying it in spurts. It’s not going to make me win any games (so no decline there) but it’ll be a slight change from the norm. For the record, it is by no means original, but I don’t think it’s been done a lot or in awhile.
  8. GG @dazzo0007 Ready? @SitnHereFlossin
  9. I can play after Dazzo. So about an hour?
  10. Sorry got this late. You still free?
  11. But never enough to get the W.
  12. I’m off tomorrow so I’m available majority of the day until probably 5pm pacific. Get at me!
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