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  1. What’s the word on having a player on the team at a position he played, but not when he was on that team? For the record, he played both positions in the NFL.
  2. I’m ____ cursed in this game. GG @dazzo47
  3. Missed this. I’ll be free weekdays at 5pm or later.
  4. Sorry missed this. I’m free during the weekdays (not tomorrow) at 5pm pacific.
  5. Sorry hard to do when I’m super busy at work.
  6. I’m not going bowling so I can do tonight. @dazzo47
  7. So I could connect to XBL on my xbone but not on my 360. I restarted everything, cleared my cache, unplugged and plugged back in my 360, nothing worked. Finally on Sunday I unhooked my 360 and left in unplugged until 5 min ago and it FINALLY signed me back on. Thought it was an isolated issue with me, but looks like others encountered it too. Must have been an XBL 360 issue.
  8. @dazzo47finally got XBL for 360 to work.
  9. @dazzo47 @aquickassasin @johgreen05I’m pretty free this weekend.
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