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  1. My 360 is fried. I have to wait till SIP is lifted to buy a new/used one.
  2. Well I fried my 360. It just started smoking like crazy. Never had that happen before.
  3. Got RROD trying to fix @dazzo47
  4. I’ll likely be on Xbone when I get off work starting at 430 pacific (630 central) if you see me on a game other then APF when you’re ready, just send me a message through XBL and I’ll switch over to my 360.
  5. I can do today if you’re free.
  6. Missed this. We can try tomorrow?
  7. Likely tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll be out of town Fri-Mon
  8. @dazzo47What’s a good time for you?
  9. I’d root for the Redskins if Smith was the QB
  10. The 3 games I played yesterday were all by challenging a friend.
  11. You forgot one dead battery
  12. That’s 4pm pacific right? That might work. I play TJ at 5 pacific. That’ll put me at 5 games complete I think? I won’t have to worry about changing abilities because my record will still be below 500 or whatever the rule is.
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