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  1. If anyone can help with hexing it’d be greatly appreciated.
  2. I thought your offense with Cubb, Landry & OBJ would give us fits (especially with Witherspoon out) but our Dline is no joke and your online is battered/injured. Also Baker is still young and learning, he also has an unhealthy tendency to roll to his right. Yeah, I liken Garoppolo to Smith, just a little more careless with the football. They don’t have power arms like Marino or Mahomes, but they are both very smart, accurate, poised in the pocket, and can scramble, among other similarities.
  3. Well Bosa would have had 3 sacks if they ruled the play correctly...
  4. Well I had Matthews on my team, then he got released after my roster was locked. So I was working on a new team build without him on it. Meow he re-signed with the niners today lol. Time to find a spot for him again.
  5. Good luck all! No easy wins since I’m not in the playoffs!
  6. GG. I was favoring everyone lol. Complete O.H.
  7. So I’ve been looking for the new editor since I got a new laptop and can meow do my own hexing again, but the last link I could find was from 2015. Is that right or is there a newer one?
  8. I’m going to assume we can, given the views and no replies saying no.
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