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  1. Gentlemen, We have enjoyed the life out of this great game for over 13 years. Maybe one day 2K will make another sim game and we can re-start (we have your XBL usernames). The time has come to hang up the cleats on CAG NFL. Thanks for all the competition and memories. It has been a wonderful time and experience. God bless all of you.
  2. welcome back! I will PM you over the next day or so with spreadsheet, etc so you can get your 20 player roster completed.
  3. Ravens - tj TBD - MASTERLESSRONIN Eagles - XxLUST4SOULZxX Raiders - xRunandSh00tx
  4. Our current format enables you to build any team you want or re-use the team you have.
  5. Gents - as we have done the last several seasons... we have one extra week to complete all games. Many of us get an email when a private message is sent. That may be beneficial to schedule games. Always list a few available days and times. We will post the signup sheet for next season soon - similar format which allows you to build any team or season with the stars y desire. Thanks
  6. WEEK #7 Standings & schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/lxvii [Fantasy season]
  7. The Dazzos need to teach me how to onside kick.
  8. REMINDER: If you cannot connect via [play a friend] use [quick match]
  9. @X2KFootballG0dX Friday or Saturday or Sunday 7-8:30 PM EST?
  10. Note: @SitnHereFlossin is booked with real life duties/tasks for the nest several weeks and is unable to complete his games. He plans to return next season. We have marked his games complete on your schedule. Thanks
  11. WEEK #6 Standings & schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/lxvii [Fantasy season]
  12. BAL 19 S.F. 07 Baltimore defense got several INTs to lead team to a W. Rod Woodson - 2 INTs lost stats gg @RuthLess2KPro
  13. @RuthLess2KPro Sunday @4 PM EST or days/times below: @dazzo47 Mon-Wed 6-10 PM EST
  14. WEEK #5 Standings & schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/lxvii [Fantasy season]
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