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  1. @dazzo0007 at @johgreen05 for the CAG NFL LXIII title.
  2. yes flexible with time ... 8-9:30 PM EDT... LMK
  3. KICKOFF! Week #1 Post roster prior to playing 1st game Standings & Schedule: http://www.scheduleague.com/xiv For your convenience - the schedule is always in post #1 Have a great season!
  4. @dazzo0007 Friday, Sun or Mon @ 8:30 PM. EDT?
  5. @johgreen05 Congrats on making it to the big game. One win away from the daz47 trophy & the CAG NFL Wall of Champions.
  6. We need to make the schedule by Friday... so let us know by then. Thanks
  7. CAG LXIV - kicks off October 12th! Post any changes to roster before playing 1st game. If no changes - please post [no changes]
  8. @NTQ03 I believe there is a group doing this here: https://discord.gg/QeCZvt
  9. we would be open to that - may have another guy or two joining - we'll give it a week
  10. @X2KFootballG0dX @aquickassasin@johgreen05@NTQ03@Lord Destro@MightyRx Please post team soon if you are participating next season. We will have a week or so between seasons for team edits or you can re-use your team from this season. Thanks men
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