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  1. As you mentioned- most prefer a 50+ minute game instead of a 100+ minute game - but any two teams are always free to do that.
  2. @Lord Destro Tues - Sat @ 8 PM?
  3. WEEK #2 Standings & Schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/LXVI [Fantasy season: all time teams]
  4. Thanks Joe. I still can't believe the team was able to defeat you, Mike and @Lord Destro's Redskins. You guys are always extremely difficult to beat and the Redskins have killed us the last 3 or 4 games. The Ravens had a tough season - just got hot in the playoffs - the real Ravens have done that - twice.
  5. We would expect nothing less. You get better every season.
  6. BAL 16 WAS 14 Baltimore has had so much trouble for the last many games vs the Redskins. Lamar Jackson finally had a mistake free game. This was a tense battle between these two teams from start to finish. Great game @Lord Destro - great team and great season. I know you will make it back to the title game soon. Lamar Jackson | 12/15 165 yards 1 TD 0 INT ------stats --------- BALxWAS 232y169 165p81 67r81 0t0 134.7q149.3
  7. BAL 21 CLE 14 The Browns get to the Baltimore 1 yard line as time expires. Great game @aquickassasin WR Michael Jackson | 67 yards 1 TD ======== stats ======= BALxCLE 178y187 128p122 49r65 1t0 96.1p67.4
  8. Out: Lamar Jackson | In: Steve McNair Out: Steve Smith | In: Michael Jackson
  9. @aquickassasin I am off this weekend and all week. With notice: anytime except for Monday night
  10. WEEK #1 Standings & Schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/LXVI [Fantasy season: all time teams]
  11. Baltimore advances In O.T. BAL 31 IND 28 The Ravens upset the #1 ranked undefeated (9-0) Colts in Indy. Tough game @dazzo0007 - I thought you had it after the pick 6. Another great season for you. PoG: HB Jamal Lewis: 126 yards and 2 TDs ---stats ------------ BALxIND 348y110 220p97 128r13 1t0 85.4q108.3
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