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    I started with Pong way back when and still going strong. For most of my adult years I gamed on a PC then made the jump to the 360 when I decided I just couldn’t keep up with the rapidly increasing gaming hardware requirements. It’s a move I am very happy I made. Besides the 360 I also play a couple table top games; Pathfinder and Battletech. I am a geek in cowboy boots

    I favor RPG type games but like FPS games too, and the occasional racing game. These days I am playing Battlefield 3 almost exclusively, and I have it bad. I have put Skyrim on hold for the most part. I currently have 10 different characters representing 10 different play styles. I don’t see an end to this for a very long time. If I ever finish Skyrim I will look at Kingdoms, ME3, Risen 2, Witcher 2, Torchlight 2, not to mention some shooters I want to try.

    Married for 25 yrs, 2 teen boys. Wife’s hobby is horses and I try to support her by participating. I fall off better than I stay on, and I must say I fall off better than anyone I know. I spend a fair amount of time working on fences, the barn, storing hay for horses that have no appreciation for it at all. The wife and I also spend a lot of time working with the youth at our church.

    That's pretty much it. Thanks for stopping by
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    Killen, AL
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    Tech support

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  1. I play on a PS4 and my oldest has an XB1. IMHO they both look great, Sony just did a better job of marketing this go around. My youngest has a WiiU and is planning on getting NX. I have played a little on the WiiU but have not had an opportunity to play the XB1 because it is always busy :(.
  2. I am happy with what I have. The ONLY way I would even consider an upgrade is if there if PSVR performs significantly better on the newer PS4.
  3. I am going to try to get on this evening but it may be 9pm eastern or so before I get on. Thursday looks like my best chance to get on at a reasonable time.
  4. I played ranged and healer characters. My favorite was the healer but his offensive ability was not very strong. I wasn't aware of the limited re-spawns.
  5. I was not able to hook up with friends. I sent invites but never got a response. I liked the game but stopped playing due to randoms dropping leaving only a couple players trying to finish a level meant for 5.
  6. I downloaded the beta last night. Hope to play some tonight.
  7. I took a look at it and am definitely down for playing the beta. I will add you the next time I am on PSN, or you can add me (BlackDoogle).
  8. There is more in the update but to me those are big. Xbox Live has had those features forever. They seem like little things UNTIL you don't have them.
  9. PlayStation update 3.5 comes out tomorrow. The option to appear offline and get notified when select friends get online are in this one
  10. It is a huge change but I am looking forward to seeing what Dice can do with a WWI setting.
  11. I am resurrecting this post just to say I still play Hill Climb Racer. I also play Civilization 2. I know they are both old games but I am an old gamer.
  12. I upgraded my hard drive about a year ago. For me the process went very smooth. I have used about 60% of my 2TB drive so far. Did lots of research ahead of time and found the right file.
  13. Will do Grey. I have been waiting for this since the 80's.
  14. I will be picking it up at release too. I won't be able to help myself :)
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