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  1. Just added my latest one....Dragon Age: Origins - 1375/1375!
  2. So, it turns out that this content wasn't finished yet, and they have pulled it from Xbox Live. There was also an issue with the title update that wreaked havoc on your specializations that you have unlocked. If you spent the point to learn them, then you are fine, but if you had just unlocked them, then they will show up as the padlock, showing that you haven't learned that spec yet. If you did get the title update, go to your memory, perform system maintenance (to delete the cache, deleting all title updates...will not affect DLC, but any games that have had an update will prompt you for one when you put it in next.) Go to an older save and unlock any specialization (I bought the spirit healer book) and use it. Save your game. Load up another save, and proceed on, maybe 5-10 minutes. Save again. Reboot your console, and all should be good from that point!
  3. So, this game has officially eaten my life. We got a copy for Christmas, and it hasn't come out of the 360 yet. I don't play in HD, so I can't speak to the graphics comparison, but the frame rate is liquid smooth during all types of battles, and onscreen chaos. So far, I am a level 11 elf/mage, and am truly enjoying the dominance displayed by an attack mage - having backup party members with additional skills to rely upon helps a great deal. This game truly forces you to focus your abilities to be great at anything (you can learn lots of stuff, but you will never be great at it, if you don't specialize) - for me I have focused on fire/lightning attacks, and those are STELLAR. The spells you can cast in the upper levels are a lot of fun to watch. There is a great amount of strategy involved in managing the battle, and executing what you want to happen. Plays a lot like Mass Effect, but is more 'automated'..in ME where you could actually AIM at people, that option isn't really necessary here - when I tell my mage to cast, and give her a target, she just does...makes the entire process easier. This game is HUGE! I just finished the first of the major storyline quests, and it took me a solid 4-5 hours to complete (The Broken Circle). By the time I finished the last battle, it was such a rewarding feeling - not frustrating challenging, but very difficult, and you truly feel like you accomplished something when you're done. I also felled my first High Dragon (as part of a quest...not going to put out any spoilers. ) and that battle was INTENSE...I had to re-do it about 4-5 times to get the strategy right. For those wondering, the DLC is TOTALLY worth it. When you get the game new (the 360 version) comes with a card to download Blood Dragon Armor (which is really, really good) and to download a 1200 point DLC - The Stone Prisoner - this quest adds some additional areas to explore, and allows you to pick up another tank character - Shale the Golem. He is HILARIOUS!!! His banter with the other characters in your party, and conversations with you have had us absolutely rolling - he is fantastic...this has caused him to become a permanent party member for me (oh yeah, and he can dish out some damage too...that helps. ) The other DLC is The Warden's Keep - it is 560 points (and part of EA's 'get 800 points free' deal on XBL) and adds some extra missions, and when you finish, it gives you another base camp area, and a party chest to store your stuff in, so you're not lugging it around all over the place. There is more DLC coming this week - Return to Ostagar - it will be 400 points, and I'll be first in line for it. I think I'm done rambling for now...off to go play! P.S. Evil Clone - thanks for the tip...everything I've looked at reads as though there is a cap at level 20...that is good information to know.
  4. So...does it work? I've been a little skittish to jump in and try it.
  5. I always liked Phat Injin. Too Phat to run, Too Phat to hide!!
  6. Welcome! I'm always up for Halo or ODST - I'm sending a friend request as I type this. As a foodie I'm curious - why OutboundChef?
  7. Cannot wait for this one!!! Might be the first game I've pre-ordered since Halo 2.
  8. I'mmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk!!! So, last night, another notch on the 360 "belt". Civilization Revolution! 1000/1000! Truthfully, I play the game, and do enjoy it quite a bit, but I have the BEST FIANCEE EVAR! She finished all of the really hard achievements for me...(including, but not limited to winning on all of the upper difficulties. Winning a domination victory on Diety is a major pain in the rear end!!) Oh, and for those keeping score at home...I am over 1K on MUA2, but haven't gotten all 1250 yet - it's in my sights...
  9. I have a pair of X3's and cannot say enough good things about them. The sound is fantastic, and the game/voice audio work very well together. The LOS issue for the IR transmitter isn't a huge issue for me - if I have to run to the kitchen for a sandwich, I only lose game audio - you will still get lobby banter and chat audio. The weight is good on the ears - I have worn them for several hours with no fatigue issues. The only problem is one from my fiancee - when I'm wearing them, I can't hear ANY outside noise, so she literally has to come and tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. Anyway - my X3's were a Father's Day gift this year, and they are absolutely one of the best gaming accessories I've ever had. I'm quoting this, as I have this issue as well. I will still be able to hear others chat, but I lose my ability to talk. I know that when people stop responding to me, I need to change my batteries. That being said, there is a blinking indicator (on the outside of one of the earpieces) that will blink when everything is good, go solid when battery life is low, and will completely go out when batteries are near death. Not extremely helpful when you are gaming, and can't look at it, but works well when you are troubleshooting the issue.
  10. Most I start on the default difficulty. The one game that sticks out in my mind is COD4: MW - I had heard how challenging that veteran was (and knew that several of my friends couldn't hack it) so I started (and finished) on veteran. I also made sure I got the Mile High Club achievement, as I had heard how difficult that one was too. Mostly about bragging rights, but I get more than a few raised eyebrows when people hear that I've gotten all of the achievements in that one.
  11. I'm all for anyone who wants to co-op Legendary - my gaming time is erratic at best, however, so if you see me on, shoot me an invite!
  12. I need ODST campaign on Legendary, a smattering of the firefight achievements, as well as Endure and Annual vidmaster achievements. I see that there are three others for annual - can we get a foursome some time? P.S. I finally got the vidmaster: classic - what a frustrating one that was!
  13. I'm up for this if anyone else is. It seems as though JGZ has this under control.
  14. Hmmm...I thought that it meant you started the level over - I could be wrong. Of course in Firefight, it just means that there are no respawns, but there are no checkpoints either.
  15. Congrats! Send out a friend request when you get your live all set up!
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