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  1. Vikings pull through a big NFC matchup against the Redskins 20-14 PoG: Frank Tarkenton 10/16 217 yds 2 TDs QBR 145.8 GG @Lord Destro
  2. @Lord Destro Monday anytime
  3. @X2KFootballG0dX Tues between 6-8 CT or Thursday anytime
  4. @aquickassasin @X2KFootballG0dX @NTQ03 anyone available tonight or tomorrow?
  5. Chiefs over Colts 24-22 in 4th quarter Bonanza!!! Colts are down 21-7 to start the 4th. They score on their first drive in 15 seconds. With 4 minutes left in the 4th Colts do a on-side kick and get a the ball back. Triggered. They gone on to drive the ball down the field eat up most of the clock and score with .16 left. Instead of trying the game Colts go for 2 and convert!! 21-22. Colts kick off and Chiefs fair catch on the 2 yard line. Lol. Pat throws a 18 yrd pass with .9 left, then throws a poor hail mary to get a 46yrd Defensive PI! That's sets up a 52 yard field goal for the win! GG @dazzo0007 POG: Patrick Mahomes 17-24 281 yrd 3 TDs
  6. AFC West Division match up Chiefs v Broncos. Pat coming off a bye week(s) came out to show why he is the reigning MVP going for 12-15 281 yds & 4 Touchdowns. GG @LynnRamos
  7. @tjspeaks the website down for scheduling... I'm available today for games
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