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  1. Nah, it was a great game. My DBs got outplayed. My first legit loss of the season. I guess I'm going to the playoffs....PLAYOFFS!
  2. If you're around, can we get our game in or you still want to play tomorrow at 9pm?
  3. I'm free tomorrow, Friday and Saturday evening for games from at 9pm. Probably won't be able to get them in and my availability is limited due to having two jobs now. I'll be online during those times so let me know. Thanks.
  4. Lets do Thursday at 8pm your time.
  5. Monday night (tomorrow) will work.
  6. Good game; however, we're playing 10 min qtrs for now on. Your style of play is not suitable for a 5 min game. Its one thing to milk the clock in the 4th qtr, but to do so from your first possession? Nah, that's not simulation football and you're not the only one that does this. What also isn't simulation football is a gold Marvin Harrison returning punts/kickoffs when he only did so during his rookie year...in which he wasn't a pro-bowler. Then, I see a Johnny Unitas that's running faster than Lamar Jackson. Is this joke time or something? Can I have John Riggins run back kicks? I forgot to mention the screen play that needs to be banned because the OLinemen are already passed the LOS and running downfield before the ball is passed. Then, after getting out-routed and swing passed on all game, I don't get the decency of a post-game highlights for my live stream? Now, TJ has to mark this down as a loss for the record books; however, this game is null and void to me....I'm still 2-0. Bring on the next opponent.
  7. I can do Friday and Saturday night.
  8. @dazzo0007 my bad, man. Just now seeing your message on Xbox.
  9. I'm available for a game tomorrow(Monday) and Friday all day.
  10. Good game, @tjspeaks I got lucky on the first TD pass for sure.
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