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  1. Great game, @aquickassasin! Had me over here nervous, man. Another OT thriller.
  2. @aquickassasin I can play at 8pm EST tonight if you can.
  3. After an hour of connection issues, it took turning my cell phone into a hot spot in order to get the game started. The Redskins, with the fan-made alternate uniforms, finally got their first win of the season. Good game, @dazzo47 and thanks for your patience.
  4. @dazzo47 if you see this tonight...I can play you at that time.
  5. @dazzo47 if you see this tonight, I can play you at between 8:30-9pm.
  6. Man, bump that. Like that would make a significant difference anyway. Send me the file and I'll fix it tonight or tomorrow night.
  7. Send me the file and I'll look into it.
  8. @aquickassasin I'm available today for a game. Just let me know.
  9. Let's do Wednesday at 8:30pm EST.
  10. Now, that I'm finished creating the rosters for the SFL, I'm available for games starting tomorrow(Friday). Since the link for the schedule doesn't work, I don't know who I play so hit me up. Thanks.
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