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  1. BEARS @ COLTS 'Da Bears defense forced 2 turnovers when we needed them most in route to a 17 - 10 win. POG David Montgomery (13 carried for 72 yards & 2 TD's). GG @dazzo0007 TOTAL YARDS. RUSHING. PASSING. QB RATIO. FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 214 68 146 77.5 2 COLTS 217 6 211 64.7 0
  2. @dazzo0007 I just saw this. I was going to propose tonight but I know you don't usually schedule games with me after 7:30 - 8pm your time. If you are still interested in playing tonight that's fine.
  3. I'm free tomorrow all afternoon/evening @dazzo0007
  4. My offense isn't good enough to keep up that kind of pace. I knew it wasn't over.
  5. BEARS @ BROWNS 'Da Bears march downfield in OT to get a tough win on the road over the Browns. POG Allen Robinson (4 catches for 155 yards & 3 TD's). GG @aquickassasin TOTAL YARDS. RUSHING. PASSING. QB RATIO. FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 298 3 295 108.1 2 BROWNS 263 70 193 87.9 2
  6. My apologies, I had to run out and help my sister with a flat tire. Are you available later tonight?

  7. @dazzo0007 I responded with 3 messages in the span of 2 minutes so I can understand the confusion. I got confused momentarily with the time zone difference. If I couldn't play right away then I wouldn't have been available at all. I'm free practically anytime the rest of the week. Apologies for the confusion
  8. Nevermind I see that time has passed. Can you play now? Clearly I'm showing signs of old age. If you can play now it's fine. Otherwise I'm free the rest of the week. @aquickassasin I'm available anytime the rest of the week.
  9. Otherwise I'm free the rest of the week.
  10. @dazzo0007 I have an engagement at 9 ET. Are you available at 7:45 ET?
  11. @dazzo0007 I'm going to have to make it a point to log into this thread daily. I've checked the settings and for whatever reason I am not getting alerted when I'm being messaged. I've checked it a number of times. I don't know wth is going on.
  12. @dazzo0007 my apologies sir but something came up. I know you're not typically available later in the evening. Is Wednesday or Thursday still an option for you?
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