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  1. @aquickassasin Are you able to play another game tonight? All else, I'm available the rest of the week other that tomorrow night.
  2. Bears over the Ravens 13-10. POG Kyle Fuller with an interception late in the 4th as the Ravens were mounting a comeback. GG @tjspeaks
  3. @aquickassasin I'm available today. Get@me
  4. @dazzo47 I could play today at 7:30 central if you're still available?
  5. WEEK 3 BEARS HOSTS REDSKINS Up 17 - 0 at the half 'da Bears were in cruise control. Then Jim McMahon threw a interception & just like that the tide turned. 'Da Bears hung on for a 17 - 10 win. GG @Lord Destro POG Allen Robinson (3 receptions for 84 yards & a TD) TOTAL YARDS. RUSHING. PASSING. QB RATIO. FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 208 63 145 98.6 0 SKINS 197 105 92 89.0 1
  6. @tjspeaks @Lord Destro corrected my roster. I'm not sure if I'll have time to catch up but the 1st day I'll be available to play is Saturday. I'm also working from home all of next week. Anyone and everyone, come one come all. Whether we were scheduled to play already or not get@me. Hopefully I'll get caught up.
  7. @Lord Destro I will send you a roster file momentarily. Thanks again sir!
  8. I just saw this. dang you guys have been busy with life too. @Lord Destro I'm prepping for SXF. If you have the time to fix it, I appreciate your efforts. Let me find the spreadsheet I'm supposed to be using & try and put a roster together real quick. I'll upload the spreadsheet to this site as soon as I'm done. Thanks for having me everyone.
  9. @dazzo47 pointed out that I used an outdated spreadsheet when building my team. I'm already 4+ weeks behind and don't wanna go thru the hassle of building another team. I'll sit this season out and return next season. @tjspeaks my apologies for not being professional and starting on time.
  10. I fixed it yesterday @Lord Destro. But it took me about 4 times as long as it would've taken you.
  11. @tjspeaks My apologies for the delay. If I don't get all my games in, I can blame no one but myself. I used an old roster file because I was getting frustrated trying to get Gayle Sayers off of special teams. Which turned out to be, just as much a waist of time. I need to test it online. Otherwise, I'm working from home all week. Get@me, whomever is on my schedule. I took a gamble with my roster this season. If I get behind, things could get ugly. @LynnRamos @Lord Destro @X2KFootballG0dX @NTQ03 @johgreen05
  12. Apologies for the long delay. If I don't get all my games in with the league, I understand.
  13. GG @X2KFootballG0dX turnovers decided my fate. Well played
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