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  1. @Lord Destro & @dazzo47 I'm working from home for the foreseeable future. Other than tonight I'm available. Get@me
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of my own team, but I'll keep it for next season. Life is hectic right now. Thanks for being patient with me everyone.
  3. Bears over the 49'ers 10 - 0. GG @NTQ03 TOTAL YARDS. RUSHING. PASSING. QB RATIO. FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 182 129 53 44.6 3 49ers 89 6 83 6.7 0
  4. @Lord Destro A few months ago I wasn't able to get Twitch to work. Neither has Run n Shoot. That said I haven't tried it in a while. @NTQ03 are you able to play our game now?
  5. @dazzo0007 give me about 10 min.
  6. How about noon Saturday pacific time @NTQ03?
  7. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 All else Apologies as I have been out of town. I returned this evening. I am available anytime tomorrow and over the weekend unless wifey puts me to work.
  8. GG @aquickassasin after the onside kick, I just had a feeling.
  9. I have a game at 6:30 CT tonight. I could play after if you're still available.
  10. @aquickassasin Are you able to play another game tonight? All else, I'm available the rest of the week other that tomorrow night.
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