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  1. Hello all, Only competed in about 1/2 of a season but I can say I really enjoyed the competition i encountered here. @tjspeaks thanks for the invite and all the work you put into keeping the game alive these years. If there's a CAG restart hit me up because it's definitely be interested in joining again.
  2. Sorry everyone....Adulting.....I'm around this week for anyone I need to get my games in with.
  3. @aquickassasin: going out of town and won't have access to the box....need to reschedule for next week.
  4. Sorry just saw this; same availability this upcoming week?
  5. Probably won't be able to play tonight. Available tomrrow?
  6. @dazzo0007 We're up next week according to the schedule; what's your availability?
  7. @X2KFootballG0dX we're up when you available?
  8. LOL! Right... I'm enjoying the league thanks for letting me join.
  9. GG Dazzo....when I didn't covert that TO into a TD I had a feeling it may be over.
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