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  1. Not sure about black ops 3, but black ops 4 is really cool game as for me. I even want to buy this baby to make this game more comfortable https://bestgamingthings.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-the-best-gaming-monitor/. Any thoughts?
  2. Omg, I can't way to play this game! Here is one more game review https://bestgamingthings.com/the-game-we-cant-wait-to-play-ashes-of-creation/. Looks like this game is really cool!
  3. Some really nice Nintendo switch games are here https://bestgamingthings.com/the-best-nintendo-switch-games-2019/. This list is updated so enjoy
  4. I have some tips regarding Battlefield, let me post it here https://bestgamingthings.com/battlefield-v-the-best-settings-for-the-game/. This guide was very useful for me, I hope it will be helpful for someone else.
  5. As for the sound card, I could say that this step deserve much more attention. Here is some tips about it https://bestgamingthings.com/choosing-the-best-sound-card-buying-guide/.
  6. Here is also some useful tips that will help you to find hdmi https://bestgamingthings.com/ten-best-hdmi-switch-for-you/.
  7. I want to update my graphic card in the nearest future. Looking at this article but still not sure https://bestgamingthings.com/choosing-the-best-external-graphics-card-2019-buyers-guide/. Any advice?
  8. This monitor is really nice, I like it! I also like this one https://bestgamingthings.com/choosing-computer-monitor-asus-rog-swift-pg278q/. Looks I will have to make a choice.
  9. I really liked the story, everyone has my own vision, personally something hooked me!
  10. I have not yet watched, but soon I will do it!
  11. This kind of character analysis motivates you to start definitely reading these books.]
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