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  1. I got a chance to try it out the other day, was really cool! the microsoft setup for their vr is pretty dumb tho
  2. Visceral games was just closed down by Ea, so I doubt we'll ever see another dead space game :,(
  3. Did anyone else notice how the dead space series ended up just like the Aliens movies. Like, the first one is a very scary, nerve racking horror game, the second a action packed thriller, and the third a sub par action movie trying to be something its not.
  4. Stargate is coming back with a miniseries, and stargatecommand.co has all 3 series available for streaming. It seems MGM has given them control over the franchise. I think this miniseries is MGMs way of testing the water for future stargate shows, so I want everyone to support the first episode if they can, that said, do you guys think it will be good? Stargate Universe had its ups and downs.
  5. i mean, i didn't HATE it but I didn't LOVE it either, and as Shawn said, its ridiculous how hard it is just to be able to watch it. It's hardly user friendly.
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