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  1. That game was tough to watch. You guys have a great defense all around. Since I don't watch a lot of SF games, whats your thoughts on Jimmy G? To me at least last night he didn't appear to be more than a slightly above average game manager. With your run game though, that's pretty much all you need out of him. Can someone please fix Baker he's borked. He's either getting hit when he finishes his drop back, or skittish when he has a good pocket. After all these years as a Browns fan, this is the first time I've ever had to blame the o-line for team issues. At least we have one of the best punters in the league.....right?
  2. I think you're thinking of Myles Garrett getting 3 sacks on Monday. It's a common mistake to make.
  3. Sure, how about 730 EST if that works for you.
  4. @johgreen05 and @NTQ03 I'll be free throughout this week after 7 pm EST to get our games in.
  5. Didn't realize that you were pacific. You mind rescheduling the game? I can probably play tomorrow night at the same time.
  6. @NTQ03 Friday at 7 sounds good, and then @dazzo0007 friday at 830 also works.
  7. Struggling with Con Flu right now, are you able to play tomorrow (Wednesday) after around 7?
  8. I might be able to help with the second part of that, depending on how you generate the players.
  9. Let me see if I can explain it better, at least how I envision this crazy idea working. There would be a random set of players set up based on Archetypes, eg. QB's could be Scrambler, Pocket Passer, Precision Passer, Big Arm, etc. Then based on that Archetype they would would be randomly assigned Tiers and Abilities (The amount of abilities would also be random). After all that is setup there would be a draft board of the players that you could draft, and you would have a specified amount of scouting points that you could use to reveal the player. 1. Point would show their Tier, 2. The first ability, 3. the second ability, 4. the rest of their abilities. I know that this probably couldn't happen for a long while because of the complexities, but I also think that it could be interesting because you could end up drafting a perfect player/absolute bust either due to good scouting or sheer luck on a late round guess pick. Adds that extra level of strategy to the league. Though I could see how people wouldn't like the randomness/extra effort that this would likely take to get a team setup.
  10. Just came to me through a combination of Destro suggesting the bringing back the draft league and watching some videos of people doing team rebuilds online with having to do draft scouting. Along with that I've been messing around with the stats site trying to rewrite it, and trying to think about how that would work.
  11. More along the lines of have the fictional player draft, but instead of being able to see their Tier and abilities you'd have to target players to scout to build your team. With that you would only have so many scout points a day to spend on scouting leading up to the draft. So when you go into the draft you have a rough idea of the player, but not 100% sure.
  12. Voted for the fictional draft because those were always interesting seasons seeing how everyone decided to draft their team.
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