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  1. Got bored and wanted to try something new. Wrote a script that auto-generates a team based on league rules, so that's why the team looks so weird. Used the spreadsheet with the ability bug on player 2 and 3. Real gold value comes out to 4 points remaining.
  2. 27-21 score. Great game man, you had me terrified after you went up 14 in the first 30 seconds.
  3. My apologies, I had to run out and help my sister with a flat tire. Are you available later tonight?

  4. @LynnRamos I'll be free the rest of the week after 5 pm to get our game in. @Lord Destro Play our game Friday at 9pm (Whatever timezone you play in)?
  5. Tomorrow at 7 pm est work for you?
  6. @SitnHereFlossin and @Lord Destro I'll be free all day Tuesday/Sat/Sun. I'll also be free Thursday and Friday after 6pm EST.
  7. I probably should have specified afternoon or evening since I don't normally wake up all that early. With a bit of warning I can play pretty much the rest of the day.
  8. I'll be free all day Saturday/Sunday, sorry for the late response, didn't realize that almost a full week had gone by.
  9. @NTQ03 @SitnHereFlossin I'm free after 6 pm est during the week and will have random availability the rest of the weekend. Let me know when you want to get our game in.
  10. How about tomorrow (Wednesday).
  11. Same roster as last season.
  12. How about Tuesday evening. Still trying to figure out if I want to make any changes to my team.
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