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  1. Don't have time to play another one tonight, how about Wednesday at 7 pm est?
  2. @X2KFootballG0dX @Lord Destro @SitnHereFlossin I'll be available most of the day tomorrow and throughout the week after 6 pm est to get our games in. Let me know what works for you guys.
  3. It just dawned on me that I never responded to you. I'll be free after 5 pm est on Friday and I'm free most of the weekend. Let me know what works best for you.
  4. Tonight (Sunday)? If you don't get this in time, I'm also available Monday.
  5. I'll be free through the rest of this week after 7 pm est, and pretty much all weekend. LMK what works for you
  6. I'm having an issue with building my roster. Whatever tier or pos I put into the 2nd and the 3rd slot on the spread sheet doesn't calculate any ability points. Is anyone else having this issue? I've tried re-downloading a couple times and still got the same error. Thanks.
  7. How about 7 pm est tonight (Wednesday?)
  8. Browns get their first win of the Season 21-17 over the Redskins. CLE | STAT | WAS 187 | TY | 130 151 | PY | 49 36 | RY | 81 87.7 | QBR | 7.9 PoG Jarvis Landry 4 rec, 36 yards, 2 TD including the game winning TD with 17 seconds to go in the game. GG @Lord Destro
  9. @Lord Destro @SitnHereFlossin @NTQ03 I'm going to be free most of the day today and tomorrow except for when the Browns are playing. Let me know if any of you guys want to get our game in.
  10. Works for me, if you're still available.
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