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  1. I'm just seeing this now how about 5 pm est on Friday? @MightyRx how about this Thursday night? @dazzo0007 when are you free on Sunday
  2. Hey CAG nation I finally have my team on my Xbox thanks to @tjspeaks I know I have a backlog of games to play but earliest I can play is Sunday between 4-8 pm est. I'll be down for scrimmaging CAG people who I don't play this season though
  3. Hey @dazzo0007sorry I didn't get back to you sooner is that been really busy with going back to college and stuff I'm free on Friday with notice or Sunday at 1 pm est
  4. Nice Work @Lord Destro BTW I'm free on Monday for our week 1 game if you're not too busy
  5. 91 Lions beat all time Cowboys 10-7 in OT Via a 44 yard FG by Eddie Murray POTG Robert Clark 5 catches 65 yards 1 TD on 6 targets GG @drsim80
  6. @Lord Destro and My week 2 opponent, my team is finally ready I am available Friday afternoon Around 5 Pm EST and the 4 of July around 3 PM EST @SitnHereFlossin and @LordRaider77 I'll be around this evening for scrimmages if you guys are available and will give me an opportunity to tweak the playbooks as well
  7. I can play as soon as my team is done being hexed
  8. @allenjd does Ramos have my roster ready yet?
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