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  1. @Greylock3491 As @osiris prime said, we've been talking for the past week or two about what the show could/should be going forward. Without the potential built in audiences of CAG, we are thinking about what comes next. Playing around with formats, scope, hosting, and branding are all open to discussion. Just like your focus on Elite, we are trying to go where there is an audience... and at some point decide if there even is an audience. Your suggestion of redirecting domains is appreciated. I wonder if it is worth holding off on until we decide on what comes next. It'd be great to have you back regardless of what changes occur. Please know that your are welcome to the regular Monday night or the short Thursday news show. It looks like you stopped doing the daily news videos back in March, so if you want an outlet to discuss stuff... there's a chair open for you. DB
  2. I'm good for tonight. Do we want to go with Top Stories of 2017 or grab 2 segments from our normal rotation?
  3. I like @Zeuxidamas idea. By the time we get to covering news it's more discussion and analysis than breaking news. "I'm wondering if we only do 2 of our three main segments that we normally do if we can get the show down to 45 minutes. I know we could do this by taking less time on a segment, but if we cannot fully discuss an area and do all three in the time, I'd just as soon just try to do two a week? I hate starting a segment or area and not getting time to fully vet it. But I'm not hard over on this so I'll go whichever way you guys say. "
  4. I don't know that I have a lot to say about it either, but @Zeuxidamas is the one with the hardware chops.
  5. So, with the Scorpio announcements today... should that be our focus for Monday night? DB
  6. I'm be good to go for tonight. Still setting up space, but I'll be there. DB
  7. I'm good for tonight. Glad to be back. Who is hosting? DB
  8. I'm good for tonight and ready to talk about game subscription services... EA Access, PS Now, MS Game Pass. I think there's a rental/lack of ownership angle that could tie in Gamefly or even the old Gametap service. DB
  9. @Greylock3491 and @Zeuxidamas what about ditching news and doing Switch talk instead?
  10. I'll be there tonight too. @Greylock3491, I'm assuming this forum is going into Read Only as well. Email communication for the podcast? db
  11. I know I came late to the site, but I want to thank everyone. The forums were welcoming and I made friends in the process. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to share my ideas. @Greylock3491, thank you for all the work you've put into this site over the years. I know it's been a labor of love, but I know that it was loved. You gave people a space and helped created some good gaming memories for many people. Thank you. To those who've posted and contributed, thank you. Thank you for the discussions, the opinions, and your perspectives. I will look for you on my friends list. DB
  12. @osiris prime I'm sorry Prime. I know you were excited. I had to return a PS3 system one holiday to help pay for car repairs. Sorry, though, you can't live through me. I haven't preordered one either. My kids want one and I want them to save up for it rather than having me buy it. Parenting lessons. DB
  13. I'm glad you're getting a replacement, but that's going to put a dent in your Elite flying time.
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