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    Gaming (Fighting, FPS, RPGs, RTS), Cooking, Martial Arts, listening to music, and traveling.
  1. Welcome buddy! My GT: Shadow2Claw.I have Halo MCC XB1
  2. Greetings everyone! Dr. Badman is my alter ego! I have been gaming since my dad introduced me to my 1st console NES. I'm glad I stumbled upon CAG, it's good to find like adult gamers like myself. I play well with others and make enjoy making others laugh. I have an Xboxone (GT: Sahdow2Claw). The games I usually play are Killer Instinct, Destiny, Halo MCC, Diablo 3,Titanfall, and Magic 2015. I also have a PC, Wii U, and 3DS (Yes,I'll be getting Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). I just started playing Heroes of the Storm beta for the PC... looking for friends to play that game also. Well guys its nice to meet y'all. I hope to game with ya'll soon! Peace!
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