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  1. I could stand to lose a lot of weight. Count me in! Can I use Kinect? Weight - XXX Target - 30 Stretch - 40
  2. Since when do you play Battlefield Bad Company 2, Robert? Haha! Welcome EUBlink. I'll send you a friend request. Robert, StrikeSudden, Fostbitten, Ninja, and I play a lot of Bad Company 2, so you should be able find plenty of people to play with. There are a lot of racing fans in CAG too, so you should be good to go! Welcome aboard!
  3. Robert is a hoss when it comes to BC2. He's hit 20000 kills! Good playing with you Todd. I'll send you a friend request.
  4. Robert's turning into quite a recruiter. He brought me over here too - minus the Southern accent.
  5. Well we will see. One of the things I really like about DICE is that they tend to listen to community complaints and make adjustments. The latest patch effectively put an end to using C4 to destroy objectives. By the way, I checked their website for the status on the new map unluck. The XBOX 360 community has 22.3 million team actions, PS3 community has 16.5 million and the PC community has 40.5 community actions. At this rate it will be unlocked in two weeks, although it might be a bit faster if a lot of people got it for Christmas.
  6. Sorry guys, can't make this one. I'll be on the road.
  7. I'm a BF series fanboy. The first game I ever played competitively online was BF1942. Played the original BF Vietnam, BF2, BF1943, Bad Company, etc. So with great pain I must lodge a complaint to the DICE who usually do the best job of creating balanced online gameplay in the industry. The flamethrower is too powerful in BFBC2: Vietnam. Either the range or the damaged needs to be reduced. Even on normal game difficulty it creates an uber soldier that is able to take 3-4 enemies out at a time without taking a hit himself. Part of the beauty of BF is that it's gameplay hinders the lone-wolf commando. It's very hard to run and gun without getting dropped yourself. In fact, if you surprise two enemies, chances aren't that good that if you get one, you will get the other. That helps keep the gameplay frenetic and balanced. The alternative may be that I play more hardcore mode because it's closer to one shot one kill with standard issue weapons, which helps counterbalance the flamethrower. In normal mode, a flamethrower soldier can pretty easily rush an enemy that's firing at them with a gun and come out the winner because the flame obstructs the view of the enemy and on normal it takes several shots to take down an opponent. Just my two cents.
  8. I bought Kinect. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and always felt the Wii was a gimmick. I don't find Kinect that compelling (although the voice controls are impressive and have a lot of potential with the dashboard.) However, the Wife Acceptance Factor for Kinect has been off the charts. She's already gotten Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Dance Central, and this morning got Harry Potter as a Christmas gift from her sister. My daughter has shown a lot of interest in it as well. Kudos to Microsoft for tapping into the "rest of the family" with the peripheral. They may not play Gears of War with me, but I like the idea of everyone in the household getting something out of the Xbox 360.
  9. I'm in. I might even try and stay up past 11 pm!
  10. Hey CAG. Penetronn here. I go by Penetronn on Xbox Live too. Heck, if you see a Penetronn anywhere on the web, it's probably me. I'm a pretty simple guy - banker by day, family man by night. With a three-year-old my weeknight gaming has taken a serious hit. I'm mostly on during the weekends now. I had a group of guys I played with for years but they've left Xbox Live for various reasons. Now I'm looking for mature guys to hang out with on a regular basis and enjoy some recreational gaming. I'm a shooter fan, but not CoD. I play most Battlefield Bad Company and a little Halo. Single player games I'm working on right now are Halo Wars, Batman AA and Red Dead Redemption. I found out about CAG through XBOX Robert. We linked up online and have been playing a lot of matches together that last few weeks. CAG seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, and it has a decent population of Battlefield fans too. So I'll send out some friend requests, and feel free to hit me up on Windows Messenger, Xbox Live, or email.
  11. That's how I felt when I tried to jump from BFBC1 to Modern Warefare. It was never the same. And I've never looked back. I'm probably going to be there. Problem is the strep throat made me lose my voice. So I'm going to have to play old school.
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