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  1. Paseo, I'm not sure how far you are into the game but my PS3 characters are all around level 10. I know the basic layout of the game. There are certain missions that are the same for everyone (doens't matter whether you are a hero or villain or who your mentor is). Then there are missions that are hero or villain specific and then mentor specific. I don't know all the mentor specific missions as I have only gotten to 30 with Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. I'd be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have. I'll send you a friend request on PSN. Just let me know when you normally play and we can take it from there.
  2. I agree with Mulky. Since all of the superhero MMO's are all free to play, try each one if you are interested and see which one you like the best. No MMO is perfect; each comes with its own set of pros and cons. I tried WoW and I could never get into it. So to each his own. But please don't let people's opinions discourage you from trying it out. If it means anything, DC Universe Online received the MMO of the Year award by PC Gamer.
  3. I've been playing DCUO for a few months now on the PC. I've had a lot of fun with it. I have a couple level 30 characters (a sorcery hero and a lightning villain). When it went free to play, I downloaded it on my PS3. So I play on both, though the PC is my preferred way of playing since I have spent more time on my characters there. Let me know what version you have and I can gladly help you out.
  4. Ever wonder how "The Walkind Dead" opening credits might have turned out if the show was made in the 80's? Well here is one possibility. Rated T for Teen
  5. I just wanted to let all my fellow "The Walking Dead" fans know that the second half of season two will begin airing on AMC on February 12, 2012 at 9 pm (EST). Starting at 8 pm (EST) on February 11, 2012, you can catch a marathon of all episodes of season one and season two thus far leading right up to the new episode at 9 pm (EST) on the 12th. It will be a perfect opportunity for any of you who may have missed an episode, need to refresh their memory before the new episodes start airing or want to check out the show for the very first time. You can check the exact schedule here: http://www.amctv.com/schedule#series/The-Walking-Dead Note: I put the link as a spoiler alert because there are brief two line synopses for each episode, even for the new one that is set to air at 9 pm (EST) on February 12, 2012.
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