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  1. Since I had read the book prior to seeing the movie, I thought the movie was just ok. Although the major parts of the story were told, so much of the book was either omitted or changed. I also realize the movie is just 'based' on the book and this happens all the time. It's just to bad that's how you experienced it....... lol. The book is excellent, as all the Dune books are, whether you read or listen to it. The audio book was an excellent presentation, with some oddities. Why? The primary reader, Simon Vance, does an amazing job in any book he reads, and Dune is no exception. This book however, has an entire cast that, at times, reads each character. This is where the oddity comes in. Sometimes Simon Vance reads the entire track, including voicing each character. And some tracks are performed by the rest of the cast with Simon Vance narrating. It's particularly distracting when this happens in the middle of a 'scene'. I've listened to the audio book several times, so I'm prepared for it now, but the first time it was kind of weird... Either way it's a great listen. But I kind of wish they had stuck with the entire cast because, as good as Simon Vance is, some of the rest of the cast are very entertaining as well. Especially whoever played the Baron... But overall, however you experience it, reading or listening, Dune and it's sequels are great books.
  2. I listen to audiobooks more nowadays than reading because of a 45+ minute drive to and from work. But I also have a Nook and recently picked up Dune Heritics, the fifth book in the series. Once I started reading it I realized I needed to re'read' (aka listen) to the previous books, so that's what I did. Now I'm back to reading Heritics... Lol
  3. This was a game with gold at one point (the non remastered edition). It's a really fun game.
  4. No recent movies except 'A Star is Born'. My wife loved it, I thought it was just ok.... lol.
  5. Loved this movie also. As good as the first, Paul Rudd does an excellent job with this character.
  6. Got it, but not sure if I'll ever load it.... lol.
  7. Wow, posting here again, how fun. Seems like the only reason would be to progress through the story and just explore...
  8. Yeah, with only a few of us posting any more, I wondered how long it would last. But, I haven't been here much myself as of late either. Made a lot of gaming friends and most of them came from participating in the site throughout the years. Sorry to see it go. Take care Grey, and I'll see you on the Xbox and PC.
  9. There's a free play weekend going on now, so I've got it downloaded.
  10. I feel yer pain sir. It'll be a while for me as well.
  11. I was very skeptical about VR as a whole until I had the chance to try the Samsung Gear VR. Although the only programs that were loaded on the phone were demos, I was VERY impressed with how well the whole thing worked. The motion as you moved your head around was extremely responsive, much more so than I thought it would be. One of the apps was a mine car ride. Pretty simple, right? That thing had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire ride and I was actually moving around with the mine car. Being able to look around and see firefly's and dragons flying around only helped to immerse myself in this 'simple' demo. And, this was only a phone powering the experience. I can't imagine what a dedicated unit, powered by a modern PC could do. So, now I'm sold on the whole VR thing. BUT, price is the biggest obstacle for me. Maybe by the time I've picked one up, the other issues you mentioned will be addressed!
  12. Picky, picky, picky....... You must be looking for a Kindle icon?!?
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