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  1. I will be on a little later. Maybe around 11est.
  2. Sounds like a great idea. I will be on later though. 10pm MST. If anyone is still around then...???
  3. I had a lot of fun last week online with you guys. But.... I have to go to Mexico next week and drink tequila and sit on a beach.
  4. I think it's their incentive to make you not want to lose. lol It works too well.
  5. Had a great time last night. It was my first time realy playing any of the conquest maps due to that stupid horn that plays when you are on the loseing side. And thanks to the people on my team for helping win most of our matches so we didn`t have to listen to that annoying horn. I would like to find out who greenlit that idea at Dice and slap them up side the head.
  6. I am still up for Saturday night, server maintenance be danged. I am also happy to talk and share strategy and tactics. And get around to adding some more of you to my friends list. I will be on later tonight if anyone is interested.
  7. I am in. I will send out some more FR's so I can find you guys online.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I will be sending out some friend requests.
  9. Hey. New guy here from Calgary Alberta. Been gaming all my life. Married, have two cats and a Greyhound. I work in the oil biz. A big fan of FPS, sandbox games and all the odd games nobody buys like Rez, Lumines, Noby Noby Boy. I am currently playing Bad Company 2 and looking for some people to shoot at on a regular basis. And down the road I will be playing the Halo: Reach beta. Anyhoo hopefully i'll be shooting at some of you soon... Online that is....
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