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  1. Colts 10 - Skins 0 TY 147-77 PY 91-76 RY 56-1 TO 0-2 PR 95.4-20.8 QB A. Luck made good on 10/13 passes Game ball - DEF GG, @Lord Destro
  2. IND 28 SF 6 no stats Gg, NTQ
  3. Colts - 21 Ravens - 14 Not your usual TJ/Dazzo affair from the start with offsetting penalties on the opening kick. Ravens, up 14-7 in the 3rd, uncharacteristically went for it on 4th and inches in their own territory and were denied. Colts capitalized on the next play for the game-tying TD. Early in the 4th, Ravens driving, it was deja vu all over again. 4th and inches, on IND 22, instead of taking the 3 points, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson throws a pass right into the arms of LB A. Walker for the INT. The Colts had better luck after rolling the dice themselves on a pivotal 4th and 2 on the BAL 23 and eventually scored the game-winning TD. IND/BAL TY 180/220 RY 21/45 PY 159/175 TO 1/4 QBR 85.2/104.9 POG - DEFENSE GG, TJ. Hadn't had one like that in a while!
  4. Colts 21 Ravens 12 No stats - power outage POG - A. Luck engineered 3TD drives Gg, @tjspeaks
  5. TO's 1 - 2 POG - A. Luck Honorable mention - DEF - 1 FF and 1 INT GG @Lord Destro
  6. any chance you can do 8 pm ET?
  7. @HeavyHitter55 and @X2KFootballG0dX Still in lg?
  8. Watch Colts vs Bears tonight at 8:30 pm ET
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