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  2. 10 min games are always better. You can run your offense and not feel rushed. @LynnRamosif you want to do a 10 min game, I'm down with it.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Yeah, and that is completely understandable. Just wanted to throw out there that if by any chance someone feels the same way I do, we could play 10 minute games.
  5. As you mentioned- most prefer a 50+ minute game instead of a 100+ minute game - but any two teams are always free to do that.
  6. Note to everyone. The other day I played a 10 minute game and I kind of liked it better on every aspect. If someone prefers to play 10 minutes instead of 5, I'm all for it. I know many/must prefer 5 minutes because it gets games under an hour and are less exhausting. But with 10 minutes I feel I can actually run the ball and sustain a nice drive without consuming literally 30% of the game.
  7. @Lord Destro Tues - Sat @ 8 PM?
  8. WEEK #2 Standings & Schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/LXVI [Fantasy season: all time teams]
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks Joe. I still can't believe the team was able to defeat you, Mike and @Lord Destro's Redskins. You guys are always extremely difficult to beat and the Redskins have killed us the last 3 or 4 games. The Ravens had a tough season - just got hot in the playoffs - the real Ravens have done that - twice.
  11. Congrats TJ! How fitting for you to win the “dazzo47” trophy by having to go through both dazzos to get to the final. And to top it off all 3 games were down to the wire controller breakers. Lol Congrats go out to destro for a great season.
  12. IND/HOU 21/14 279/Y/226 229/P/182 0/T/1 158.3/PR/112.2 POG Johnny U 11 of 13 and 2 TDs GG, Ramos
  13. Not going to lie about it...that bitter taste inside my mouth is no good and it has given me acid reflex. The agony of going to my first championship and losing is totally unacceptable to me. Therefore, I would like to give you all the warning that I'm coming with a vengeance this season and I will show no mercy upon you. @SitnHereFlossin, unfortunately, will be the first victim in my quest to win the Season 66 Championship. I'm going to beat him as if he stole my mama's rent money. After that, I'm going to run straight through all that oppose me. The Dazzos won't stand a chance against me. Their tricks and meticulous style of gameplay will no longer work against me. AA, Ramos, NTQ, Obama, Trump, the Coronavirus....it doesn't matter because I'm coming for you all. And then I will see Mr. @tjspeaks in Week 2 and I have foreseen playing him in the championship game once more. It will be then that I will unleash an attack so fierce that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will have no other choice but to place me on their terrorist watch list. And when its all said and done, I will have the CAG title along with the SFL title attached to my Infinity Gauntlet...you will then call me Black Thanos.
  14. Congrats, Commish! It's about time!
  15. We would expect nothing less. You get better every season.
  16. Great game and I will be back with a vengeance.
  17. BAL 16 WAS 14 Baltimore has had so much trouble for the last many games vs the Redskins. Lamar Jackson finally had a mistake free game. This was a tense battle between these two teams from start to finish. Great game @Lord Destro - great team and great season. I know you will make it back to the title game soon. Lamar Jackson | 12/15 165 yards 1 TD 0 INT ------stats --------- BALxWAS 232y169 165p81 67r81 0t0 134.7q149.3
  18. There's a roster change that's different from above. I'm running with the previous season's team.
  19. Hey Mike, Can we push game for tomorrow? I got my internet installed but got caught up with work stuff. I'll make my team tonight and I am available for game tomorrow at any time, I'll be home all day and it is my day off. Something like 6 pm CT should work fine just to throw out a time, but you can lmk what works for you. Thank you.
  20. Let's make it tomorrow(Thursday) at 8pm.
  21. BAL 21 CLE 14 The Browns get to the Baltimore 1 yard line as time expires. Great game @aquickassasin WR Michael Jackson | 67 yards 1 TD ======== stats ======= BALxCLE 178y187 128p122 49r65 1t0 96.1p67.4
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