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  2. Gents - as we have done the last several seasons... we have one extra week to complete all games. Many of us get an email when a private message is sent. That may be beneficial to schedule games. Always list a few available days and times. We will post the signup sheet for next season soon - similar format which allows you to build any team or season with the stars y desire. Thanks
  3. Last week
  4. available tonight? I can be on a 730 CT
  5. Never saw you. Will have to play another time.
  6. Sorry been busy as heck at work. If you cannot play tonight at 930 est. I can play tomorrow at 830 est. LMK
  7. Hey Guys, I will be available all week and weekend. Past weekend was busy for me.
  8. @X2KFootballG0dX tonight at 8:30 pm et?
  9. WEEK #7 Standings & schedule: https://www.scheduleague.com/lxvii [Fantasy season]
  10. CLE 0 0 0 7 7 CHI 7 10 3 0 20 POG Gale Sayers 16 carries for 141 yds and a touchdown. GG @aquickassasin CLE/STAT/CHI 126/TY/284 94/PY/145 32/RY/139 0/TO/0 65.8/PR/133.6
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