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  3. The legendary Lag Bowl will go down in history next to the ice bowl. GG man
  4. BAL 26 CLE 21 Justion Hill gets 100+ and 2 TDs. hh @aquickassasin -----------------stats--------- BAL x CLE 253 x 281 136 p281 117 r 0 0 t 2 94.8 q 100.6
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  6. @Lord Destro, Tu (tonight), W 830-9pm ET F, Sa 830-10pm ET LMK
  7. We play next week. You play @MightyRxthis week.
  8. I thought I had a bye this week?
  9. The Rams outlast the Bears 10-7 Rams-Stats-Bears 139-Total Yds-204 108-Pass yds-172 31-Rush yds-32 0-Turnovers-2 109.9-QB rating-69.5 Plays of the game: Chicago star Rb Tarik Cohen injured in the 1st. Rams FS Marqui Christian with a redzone int before halftime Josh Johnson with a user pick that set up the game winning fg GG @SitnHereFlossin!
  10. Last week
  11. @Lord Destro @SitnHereFlossin I'm free beginning at 6p EST this week. Lmk what works for you.
  12. @NTQ03 when are you free this week?
  13. Philadelphia stays at home and faces off against the Bears and their stacked defense. Carson Wentz is very aware of their capabilities from film study and proceeds with caution and doesn't make it any harder for himself by turning the ball over. Philadelphia wins 17-14. POG: PHI defensive backfield with 3 interceptions - 2 being in their own redzone as Chicago was driving. Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 196-333 PY: 190-254 RY: 6-79 TO: 0-3 QBR: 106.2-79.5 Another great game @dazzo47!
  14. TO's 2 - 1 POG - A. Luck GG @NTQ03
  15. Just got 3 RRoD. Trying to fix it meow.
  16. @NTQ03 How about tonight at 8:30 pm et?
  17. @aquickassasin Mon or Tues @ 8 PM EDT? LMK
  18. BAL 10 CHI 07 Game was tied 0-0 until near the 4 min mark in the 4th qrt. Earl Thomas III gets 2 more INTs to keep the game close. (Another) great one @dazzo47 ---------stats-------- BAL x CHI 186 y 186 149 p 131 37 r 55 0 t 2 128.8 q 39.1
  19. @dazzo0007I should have time today if you’re available?
  20. @tjspeaks, tonight at 8:00 pm et? @HeavyHitter55, Sunday at 9:00 pm et?
  21. WEEK 6 - RAIDERS @ BEARS 'Da home team generated 3 1st half interceptions, resulting in a missed chip shot field goal (for the 2nd consecutive week) & zero points. A late 4th quarter attempt at redemption proved all to be 'da Bears needed, as Antonio Brown dropped a sure game winning 4th down TD with seconds remaining. Final score 3 - 0 Bears. POG goes to the prince with 2 picks. GG @X2KFootballG0dX I hate to see a game end like that. I would've hated it even worse if it was my team that dropped it. I was screaming NOOOOO throughout the flight of the ball. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 115. 30. 85 65.6 3 RAIDERS 190. -2. 192 40.5 0
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