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  1. Yesterday
  2. @dazzo0007 at @johgreen05 for the CAG NFL LXIII title.
  3. Colts 21 Ravens 12 No stats - power outage POG - A. Luck engineered 3TD drives Gg, @tjspeaks
  4. Last week
  5. yes flexible with time ... 8-9:30 PM EDT... LMK
  6. Gives me time to tweak my roster. See you then
  7. Let's do Friday evening. Does 7:30 pm CT on Friday work for you?
  8. @RamosLynn I've got you right out of the gate. I'm available anytime the SFL playoffs aren't on Monday & Tuesday, along with Friday evening. Get@me
  9. If anyone can help with hexing it’d be greatly appreciated.
  10. KICKOFF! Week #1 Post roster prior to playing 1st game Standings & Schedule: http://www.scheduleague.com/xiv For your convenience - the schedule is always in post #1 Have a great season!
  11. @dazzo0007 Friday, Sun or Mon @ 8:30 PM. EDT?
  12. TO's 1 - 2 POG - A. Luck Honorable mention - DEF - 1 FF and 1 INT GG @Lord Destro
  13. @johgreen05 Congrats on making it to the big game. One win away from the daz47 trophy & the CAG NFL Wall of Champions.
  14. In the semi-final slugfest of the Bears Top Notch Defense and the Jags On & Off air raid attack. The Jags led by former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles overcome the ruckus crowd at Soldier Field to win 28-24!!!! 2 Huge sacks force the Bears to Punt with 1:54 seconds left in the game w/the score 21-24 Bears. Jags from their own 42yrd marched down the field to score with 9 seconds left on the clock to close the game out. POG: Nick Foles GG: @SitnHereFlossin
  15. Lol, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.
  16. Thank you, papa Daz. I see you added some hardware. Not surprised, I could almost never beat you.
  17. I thought your offense with Cubb, Landry & OBJ would give us fits (especially with Witherspoon out) but our Dline is no joke and your online is battered/injured. Also Baker is still young and learning, he also has an unhealthy tendency to roll to his right. Yeah, I liken Garoppolo to Smith, just a little more careless with the football. They don’t have power arms like Marino or Mahomes, but they are both very smart, accurate, poised in the pocket, and can scramble, among other similarities.
  18. I'm in with the Denver Broncos.
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