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  2. I have not yet watched, but soon I will do it!
  3. This kind of character analysis motivates you to start definitely reading these books.]
  4. I also read Ritualist, it is very powerful!
  5. Yeah, sad the series is over I really liked it! What are reading now @raucameron1981?
  6. I mean in real life or at least in some realistic dream. As for me, I would like to see something like this game https://apexstat.net/. And what about you?
  7. Yep, Time Machine is TOP. Really interesting movie
  8. I would like to see some dinosaurs
  9. I love audio books! But now that I don't drive 4+ hours a day I don't listen to them much anymore... But I love that I'm not wasting my life behind the wheel now!
  10. Since I had read the book prior to seeing the movie, I thought the movie was just ok. Although the major parts of the story were told, so much of the book was either omitted or changed. I also realize the movie is just 'based' on the book and this happens all the time. It's just to bad that's how you experienced it....... lol. The book is excellent, as all the Dune books are, whether you read or listen to it. The audio book was an excellent presentation, with some oddities. Why? The primary reader, Simon Vance, does an amazing job in any book he reads, and Dune is no exception. This book however, has an entire cast that, at times, reads each character. This is where the oddity comes in. Sometimes Simon Vance reads the entire track, including voicing each character. And some tracks are performed by the rest of the cast with Simon Vance narrating. It's particularly distracting when this happens in the middle of a 'scene'. I've listened to the audio book several times, so I'm prepared for it now, but the first time it was kind of weird... Either way it's a great listen. But I kind of wish they had stuck with the entire cast because, as good as Simon Vance is, some of the rest of the cast are very entertaining as well. Especially whoever played the Baron... But overall, however you experience it, reading or listening, Dune and it's sequels are great books.
  11. I recently completed Death March (Euphoria Online Book 1) and also really enjoyed it The setup early in the story is a little far fetched but interesting, and the main character, Chris, is like-able and someone you can route for. In short, Chris gets a chance to spend a weekend of full immersion VR in which he hopes he can win his brothers freedom in the real world. The only catch is, he must survive his time in game without a single respawn to get a chance at winning his brother's pardon. And to make matters worse, his free ticket into the virtual world starts him off in the worse possible way. For those interested, here's a summary from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2R2vYv3 I sacrificed everything for my family. It wasn't enough. I lost my mother, and now I'm about to lose my brother. I've got only one thing left to gamble: my life. Which is why I'm willing to play Euphoria Online in Death March mode. If I survive six months in-game against a lethal array of wyverns, ogres, necromancers, and more, I'll earn my brother a pardon. If I lose? Well. I'm done with losing.
  12. So how's Dune as a book/audio book? I've seen the movie but never read the book...
  13. I listen to audiobooks more nowadays than reading because of a 45+ minute drive to and from work. But I also have a Nook and recently picked up Dune Heritics, the fifth book in the series. Once I started reading it I realized I needed to re'read' (aka listen) to the previous books, so that's what I did. Now I'm back to reading Heritics... Lol
  14. I just completed the Ritualist (The Completionist Chronicles Book 1) and really enjoyed it There are a few odd things about how it starts, but I have to say I totally agree with the nearly 5 star rating this book gets. The main character, Joe, finds himself a quadriplegic after a horrible accident, but then is invited to be one of the first to play a new full immersion VR game. And since you start the game off with similar stats your had in real life, Joe starts off as an intelligent but extremely week human character. Thankfully, his role as a combat medic prior to his accident gives him a rare healing ability which turns out to be a real plus for his character. For those interested, here's a summary from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TgTfL3 The decision to start a new life is never an easy one, but for Joe the transition was far more literal. After making the decision to become a permanent addition to a game world, it doesn't take him long to learn that people with his abilities are actively hunted. In fact, if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of, assassins would appear in droves. In his pursuit of power, Joe fights alongside his team, completes quests, and delves into the mysteries of his class, which he quickly discovers can only be practiced in secret. Ultimately, his goal is to complete every mission, master every ability, and learn all of the world's secrets. All he has to do is survive long enough to grasp greatness.
  15. What Fantasy or litRPG books have you read lately?
  16. Recently just read, "Negation Force: Obsidan Fleet Book 1" (Sci-Fi Space War/Alien Attack) The book follows several groups of soldiers who try to fight off an alien species attack on a human world. I felt the book started off well, but then got mired in minutiae before hitting it's stride in the final third of the book. It's not uncommon for "Book 1" of a series to have pacing issues, however I'm not sure I liked the characters enough to pickup book 2. For those interested, here's the official summary from https://amzn.to/2qMgrUz The human Confederation has known an unprecedented time of peace, unheard of in a universe where every other species is not only technologically advanced, but also incredibly hostile. The good times are about to end. Out on the fringes, the planet Atlantis is attacked by an alien foe remembered only by the oldest members of the Space Corps. These aliens – known as Vraxar – are abominations of flesh and metal, driven to exterminate every other life form in the universe. Now it’s humanity’s turn. In the ruins of the Tillos military installation, Sergeant Eric McKinney is determined to fight back and find out why the Vraxar have come. Meanwhile, a response fleet is mustered with the intention of facing the enemy head-on. It’s a mission with no hope of success. As events unfold, it becomes apparent the Vraxar have secrets which give clues to their purpose. The answers are more shocking than anyone could have imagined. The lives of strangers are intertwined and together they must try and salvage something from this first exchange in a war that will not end until one side is utterly defeated. Luckily, the Tillos base holds secrets of its own…a warship with an exceptionally powerful Obsidiar core is contained within an underground bunker. It is the only hope for Atlantis… Negation Force is a science fiction action and adventure book which begins The Obsidiar Fleet series. Author’s Note: this book is set forty years after events in the Survival Wars series. There is no necessity to read the earlier books to enjoy this one.
  17. What Sci-Fi Books have you read lately?
  18. What Sci-Fi Movies have you seen lately?
  19. No recent movies except 'A Star is Born'. My wife loved it, I thought it was just ok.... lol.
  20. Agreed! Have you seen any other good movies of late?
  21. Loved this movie also. As good as the first, Paul Rudd does an excellent job with this character.
  22. Just watched this with my grand kids and wow, fun and light hearted - loved it!
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