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Tier vs Abilities

Player tier vs player ability   3 members have voted

  1. 1. What's more important: player tier or player ability?

    • Tier
    • Ability

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Polling the audience of what people think is more important: player tier (G/S/B/C) or the ability/abilities to that tier?  All under the assumption of the correct scheme/player use, playcall, situation, etc.

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Not sure what you are asking. Tier = a set level of attributes for each tier. 

As far as abilities is animations:
This has been tried and tested in the SFL. 
Abilities effect every play and are more important.
A player with high abilities and no abilities will be much better than a player with low abilities and 4 animations.

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You're confusing ability with attribute.  I'm not talking built-in attributes (speed, agility, strength, etc).  Pretending we don't know anything about the behind-the-scenes makings of 2K8, if you were to select a high tier player (Gold) with no abilities vs a low tier player (Bronze/Copper) with our limit of 4 abilities, which would you choose?

Based on your response, it sounds like you're siding with tier (which in turn results in better attributes).

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