CAG NFL Season LXII : week #6

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A story of two halves. 'Da Bears erupted for 20 2nd quarter points and found themselves up 23 - 0 heading into the 4th. But par the course for this season, had to survive a 20 point furious 4th quarter comeback and hung on for a 23 - 20 victory. GG as always @tjspeaks. Your blitzing up the A gap almost did me in.

P'sOG - Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson with 2 interceptions each



232                    31            201          145.8          4


291                    - 1           292           65.2           0

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Philly continues their home game streak and take on the Bears (again) and walk away with a win (with some lucky bounces - literally) 23-17.

POG: QB Nick Foles 17/19 170 yards, 2 TD

Stats (PHI-CHI):

TY: 190-235

PY: 170-207

RY: 20-28

QBR: 139.0-141.0

TO: 0-1

GG @dazzo47! Very gutsy calls all game - especially that onside KO to start the half!

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Uncle Doug (Pederson) and Ol' St. Nick (Foles) scheme up a master plan to end their season at Soldier Field as Foles uses every second of the play clock making his pre-snap reads. Despite his efforts though, he found himself down by 1 with 25seconds left on the clock with 3 TOs. With some excellent line play against an aggressive defense led by Khalil Mack, Foles found a favorable look against a cover 0 blitz and hit TE Zach Ertz over the middle setting up Jake Elliott with the 47 yard game winning FG with 2 sec remaining 23-21.

POG: QB Nick Foles 133.9 QBR, 19/25 251 yards 2 TD 0 INT

Stats (PHI-CHI):

TY: 252-147

PY: 251-137

RY: 1-10

QBR: 133.9-116.6

TO: 0-0

GG @dazzo0007! You had me digging deep into my playbook and really challenged me in my pre-snap reads. The way you user your LBs makes your defense extremely difficult to play against - hence using every second of the play clock!

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