CAG NFL Season LXII: NFL Championship Teams (fantasy season)

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In CAG NFL Season LXII we will be introducing a totally re-vamped spreadsheet!  The changes are made to encourage variance in team building deviating from the common 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze, 9 Copper builds.  The changes are as follows:

  1. Cost of abilities have increased for all tiers as follows:
    • Gold: 8 points per unrestricted ability
    • Gold: 24 points per restricted ability
    • Silver: 5 points per unrestricted ability
    • Silver: 10 points per restricted ability
    • Bronze: 3 points per unrestricted ability
    • Bronze: 3 points per restricted ability
    • Copper: 2 points per unrestricted ability
    • Copper: restricted abilities not allowed
  2. Total team points have increased from 162 to 226.
  3. Each tier now has a point cap as follows:
    • Gold: 96 points
    • Silver: 80 points
    • Bronze: 54 points
    • Copper: 56 points

All point caps MUST be met.  The same color coding applies - green = good; red = bad over the cap.
With these changes, there is no doubt going to be confusion.  Please work your way through this by creating your teams for the upcoming season in the new spreadsheet and keep in mind the color coding (red/yellow/green).

Some quick reminders regarding team building rules:

  1. You MUST have at least one gold and one silver on each side of the ball.
  2. Quick Release, Branching Tackles, Work Horse, Route God are restricted abilities and show up red when assigned in the spreadsheet.

  3. Here are the max/min for each tier:

    • Gold: min 2; max 5
    • Silver: min 3; max 8
    • Bronze: min 1; max 11

Other team building rules can be found here:

Re-vamped spreadsheet is attached for immediate use.  Please note that I will be checking every roster posted.  With these changes, there are bound to be mistakes.  Therefore, please post as soon as possible so I can check.


Per league rules, it is not permitted to play a game without posting an approved roster!!!

I will be 'Liking' each roster to indicate approval for this upcoming season.  When posting, please be sure to include everything shown on the 'CAG NFL' tab.

Feel free to PM me with questions and suggestions.


Here's a link to upload the new spreadsheet for immediate use.



I will be posting a new thread for next season's team rosters shortly.

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If you downloaded the spreadsheet since it was posted in the last hour, PLEASE DELETE.

An error was recently found and corrected.  The corrected spreadsheet is linked in the original post.  Please use this moving forward.

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@HeavyHitter55 Thanks for your time & effort you put into this.

These are Super Bowl teams (but any playoff team is eligible).  

Looking forward to imputing values and seeing what kind of teams we can build:

  • Gold: min 2; max 5
  • Silver: min 3; max 8
  • Bronze: min 1; max 11

@dazzo47 has suggested a longer season so we can get rematches with some/all teams. 

I love competing with all of you (win or lose). 

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