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With the release of Javo's new version of his editor, I've taken a side project of creating a full 32-team, 42-players per team roster for offline use only.  The roster with Javo's editor, can be used for a multi-year franchise mode also.

I've cross-referenced data with combine/pro day results since 2000, and PFF grades since 2015 to edit player ratings, and assign tiers to each player.  So far, I've gone through and processed data for over 3,000 players.

Unfortunately, that was the easy part.  Now I need to assign abilities (up to 6 per player) for every player on every team.  I've also added some abilities that do not exist in the game, but will have an impact.

This is the point of my post.  I need help assigning abilities accurately.  I can assign them accurately (and IMO objectively) for the Eagles, but I'm not as familiar as I should be with the rest of the league.  I'd greatly appreciate any and all assistance from the CAG community in completing this task.

While not all players need 6 abilities, I'm not looking for only the top 10 starters to have abilities either.  I think an average of 3 abilities per player is a good number to aim for overall.

If you think you can help with this (both accurately, and objectively), then please reply (or PM me) with your email address and which team(s) you're interested in undertaking so I can forward you a blank spreadsheet for the team(s) you're interested in completing.  It's as simple as completing a spreadsheet for a normal team roster build for a regular season here in CAG.

Something to note - I'm not considering any abilities 'restricted' or banned.  The point is an accurate depiction of the player's real-life ability.  The rest is handled by tweaking tier-base abilities and in-game sliders.  Example: Ezekiel Elliott should have both Work Horse & Branching Tackles (IMO) - he's one of the top backs in the league.  His tier is representative of that, and his abilities are a reflection of what he's capable of.


So far, here's the teams that are spoken for:

BAL Ravens

CHI Bears

PHI Eagles

WAS Redskins 


Also, for the sake of keeping this post short and readable - I won't go in depth of how I determined the tiers other than saying it takes player's performance history (since 2016) into account and is based off of PFF grading.  If someone looks majorly inaccurate (based on their production & statistics), bring it up and I'll look into it.

Keep in mind, though, that this is statistics based, not potential based and accounts for stats since 2015.  So Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to be all that high just because of his stats this year - he's a mediocre QB and his stats since 2015 reflect that.  In the NFL, statistical outliers happen all the time - even for full seasons.

All players are graded against their peers at the same position.  So if you think Christian McCaffery should be a gold or silver instead of a bronze - ask yourself if he should be in the same conversation as: Zeke Elliott, LeVeon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Todd Gurley based on his statistics as a runner (great statistical receiving backs do not necessarily equal great running backs).  Just because he's one of the best players on his team, does not mean he's one of the best players at his position in the entire league (over 3,000 players).

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