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3 - 0

POG TE A. Shaheen exploded out of the gates with an 80 yard TD reception on the very 1st play.  He'd close out the 2nd half with another score on a 21 yard TD grab.  

Honorable mention goes to the defense:

LB K. Mack w/ an INT, 2 passes defended, 4 tackles

DB K. Fuller w/ an INT

DL E. Goldman w/ a forced fumble inside own 5 yard line to deny a score

DB A. Amos w/ BAL 4th and 1 on CHI 31 makes a game clinching tackle for no gain

Tough battle all the way, TJ! GG!

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Chicago scored 10 second quarter points. The defense surrendered a field goal midway through the 4th quarter and were able to hang on for a 10 - 3 win. POG goes out to Chicago's special teams kick & punt return coverage. They made every Philly drive seem like a mile, pinning the Eagles deep time and time again. GG @HeavyHitter55


222             62               160             93.0               1


114             33               81               49.2               0


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I need to postpone this game for a while. My family is taking a long overdue vacation out of town. That said, I may have to travel out of town next week for work, but I'm not certain of the itinerary as of yet. When I have more details I will let you know. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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20 minutes ago, dazzo0007 said:

waited 20 min...

Crap I mixed the time zones up. I was thinking 8:30 central because you're central time. I am available Friday - Sunday. Next week I won't be available until Friday evening. My sincere apologies

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I'm not sure what's up but my debit card expired and my LIVE membership didn't auto renew. I just paid it a few minutes ago but it's not allowing me to play online. Not sure if I have to wait a few minutes to refresh? Apologies

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