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Since finally receiving permission to play with 'da Bears I decided to give the 3-4 a try as my base defense. Perhaps it is because I have never played out of this defense when I played and have no knowledge of zone/gap responsibilities, but it has been an absolute disaster of a learning experience. As was my SFL week 1 experience trying it as well. @X2KFootballG0dX hopefully doesn't gain any grey hairs when I ask him to edit my roster .... again. Once done I will begin to get my games in. My apologies

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Philadelphia opens the season against a tough Kansas City Chiefs team who was determined not to go without a fight.  Although the Chiefs defense had Wentz rattled by picking him off twice, he showed his resilience and put the team on his back for the game winning TD drive as he stormed into the endzone for the game winning TD.  Eagles win 20-16.

POG: PHI defense who kept them in the game although the offense seemed to be working against them.  Only allowing 179 yards and 1 TD.

Stats (PHI-KC):
TY: 259-179
PY: 234-134
RY: 25-45
QBR: 59.0-57.8
TO: 0-2

GG @johgreen05!

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