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VR Dungeon Knight Update (09/18)

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Wow - I need to get back into this game:


Musket Update

Another new update rolls out for VR Dungeon Knight. It's full of guns a new enemy and new adventures.

Added Muskets
It is time to pack some heat Dungeon Knight! We’ve added the muskets to your armory. These rifles are a great way to deal a large amount of damage from a good distance. Each musket has its own speciality, like the sniper rifle for large distances and the rifle axe for close combat. All rifles must be reloaded manually after each shot by holding the rifle in both hands while holding your hands close together. Muskets can be unlocked like any other weapon.


Added: Musket Rifle

The Musket Rifle is the all-round gun, useful for any situation. Make ready, aim, Fire!

Abilities and Statistics

  • 30 Damage Stock.
  • Can not Block.
  • 600-2400 Ranged Damage Potential
  • Can Pierce Trough walls/floors and all enemies in a line.
  • Does not have a sneak damage multiplier.
  • Loud sound! Enemies will detect you faster after you shoot.


Added: Musket Sniper (Blackmark Weapon)

Snipe your enemies from afar with this deadly high ranged rifle. (Or try a no scope.)

Abilities and Statistics

  • 30 Damage Stock.
  • Can not Block.
  • 2500-5000 Ranged Damage Potential.
  • Can Pierce Trough walls/floors and all enemies in a line.
  • Does not have a sneak damage multiplier.
  • Loud sound! Enemies will detect you faster after you shoot.


Added: Axe Rifle (Blackmark Weapon)

What is better than an axe? An axe with an ability to shoot your enemies in the face!

Abilities and Statistics

  • 40 Melee Damage.
  • Can Block.
  • 640 Ranged Damage.
  • Can Pierce Trough walls/floors and all enemies in a line.
  • Does not have a sneak damage multiplier.
  • Loud sound! Enemies will detect you faster after you shoot.


Added: Sorcerer of Unholy Order (Servant of the necromancer)

Once sworn to protect the world from evil. The order of Sorcerers could not withstand the corruption of the Necromancer. Now they dedicate their lives and power to dark magic and destroying any Dungeon Knight in their path.

Abilities and Statistics

  • Melee Damage: 30
  • Can fire magic
  • The magic projectile is homing.
  • Can Teleport at will.


Added: Adventure Mode and Nightmare Mode

We have replaced the normal and hard difficulty with an Adventure and Nightmare Mode. 

Adventure Mode
This mode will generate a Dungeon with a combination of traps, exploration and enemy rooms. It has a more relaxed pace and gives the player a mix of exploration, combat and adventure. It's the perfect setting for starting players and shows every aspect of a Dungeon. 

Nightmare Mode
The Nightmare mode is a more hardcore approach to the dungeons. It only uses rooms with enemies in it, making it more focused on combat and survival. Large rooms without enemies are removed, and the player doesn’t get a lot of breaks between fight. Advised for more experienced players. 

Originally posted by Developer Comment:
We felt that the old difficulty setting (normal and hard) weren’t that different from each other. A lot of players only went for the hard setting, which made the normal setting almost redundant. We also noticed that some player love exploring, while others mainly want to fight. By separating the modes from playstyle instead of difficulty we hope that more players will choose one of the two Dungeon depending on what they want to do.


Added: Portal of Souls

The old Multiplayer doors are replaced by the Portal of Souls. Besides the appearance change, it also has a different way to use it. When there is a game available a portal will appear, allowing you to step through and join a fellow Dungeon Knight on his quest.
The portal will make it easier to spot and join an available game.


Changed: Stealth Trial

You will now need 75% of your kills to be stealth takedowns in order to succeed the stealth trail.(instead of no detection) If you remain in stealth while proceeding to the next room all the monsters you skip in the previous room also get added to your stealth kills count. Neat!
Monsters you skip mid-combat will get counted to your normal kills count though.

Added: New Temple Dungeon Rooms

We added some new Temple themed Dungeon rooms. These rooms will expand on the one already in the game and will focus more on exploration and combat.



Added: Carry Weight

Your movement speed is now capped based on your weight! You know that indicator on your belt. All items and weapons have a weight that will add to your total weight. This will make you slower with large and heavy weapons. This applies to Touchpad Movement AND Armswing. Teleportation will receive a cooldown in between jumps based on the weight and distance in a later update. If you want to be a true speedrunner in this update you need to invest points into dexterity or purchase the thief/assassin class to achieve a fast speed. A heavy knight class with heavy weapons now also plays like one.

Speed Cap

  • Very Light is full movespeed.
  • Light is 85% of your total movespeed.
  • Heavy is 55% of your total movespeed.
  • Too heavy is 33% of your total movespeed.

Class Changes

  • Warrior now has a 10% Speed Reduction.
  • Dungeon Knight now has a 15% Speed Reduction.
  • Mage Now has a 25% Armor Reduction instead of 15%.


Changed: Orcling


  • Increased Throwing Dagger damage of the Green Orcling from 19 to 29


Changed: Orc


  • Increased Throwing Axe damage of the Red Orc from 19 to 35


Changed: Spectral Minions


  • Increased Spectral Clubber dodge cooldown from 3 to 3.5 seconds


Changed: Sourcerer


  • Increased Sourcerer dodge cooldown from 1 to 1.4 seconds
  • Increased Sourcerer Damage from 9 to 11


Changed: Spectral Summoner


  • Spectral Summoner health increased from 2000 to 2500.



Changed: Pistol


  • Pistol now shoots 15% Faster
  • Pistol Damage reduced from 175 to 170.
  • Pistol is now moved to the other side of the Weapon room to accompany the new Musket Rifle.


Changed: Iron shield


  • Changed Iron Shield damage from 35 to 30.
  • Changed Iron Shield Weight From 25 to 35.


Changed: Arrow Quiver


  • Changed Arrow Quiver Stock from 45 to 30.
Originally posted by Developer Comment:
By lowering the quiver stock we want to empower the player with a Ranger kit.


Changed: Staff of Light


  • Changed Staff of light Aoe Duration from 12 to 8.
  • Changed Staff of Light Aoe Damage per from 7 to 5.


Changed: Demonic Staff


  • Changed Demonic Staff Melee damage from 75 to 60.



Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Arrow Quiver to be less glitchy in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Acid material to be more clear and deadly.
  • Fixed Water Material.
  • Fixed small performance drop in Main Chamber.

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