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Using a 162 226 point CAP system, here are the general team building rules (varies during fantasy seasons, however).

EDIT 2/9: Point CAP increase from 162 to 226.

CAP Tier breakdown:

  1. Golds: Min 2 per team; Max 5 per team
  2. Max 4 Golds per side of the ball
  3. Silvers: Min 3 per team - Max 8 per team
  4. Min 1 Silver per side of the ball
  5. Min 1 Bronze per team

EDIT 7/28: You are permitted to have an additional 7 points (169) if:

EDIT 2/9: Additional points increased to 11 (137) if:

  1. You participated in the previous season
  2. Complete the necessary games to be eligible for the upcoming season
  3. Finished sub-0.500

Records are now an input and point changes will adjust accordingly to this rule!

Ability breakdown:

  1. Restricted abilities:
    1. Max 2 restricted abilities on team (1 per CAP) and are not permitted on coppers.  Restricted abilities come at the cost of 3x that or any other ability (unless used on a Bronze).
    2. Restricted abilities are:
      1. Quick Release
      2. Branching Tackles
      3. Work Horse
      4. Route God
  2. Each ability can be used 3x on each side of the ball except for the following:
    1. Any Restricted ability (max 1x total)
    2. Leadership Bonus and Clutch 1x on each side of the ball
      1. Note: 1 additional Leadership Bonus and/or Clutch ability can be used on each side of the ball ONLY if it is used on a lineman (OL/DL)

Forbidden abilities & ability combinations (not to be confused with Restricted Abilities) - these cannot be used under any circumstances:

  1. No clutch on WRs and TEs
  2. Laser Arm and Rocket Arm cannot be used unless on a Bronze QB
  3. High Helmet Tackle & Bump Master on any player
  4. No Cadence
  5. No Signal Stealer
  6. Speed Burner only on Gold tiers
  7. Any Gold tier player returning kicks/punts MUST have the 'Return Specialist' ability.  Silver, Bronze, and Copper tiers do not need the 'Return Specialist' ability.

A manual attribute boost is permitted on QB (any tier) agility ONLY if the QB has BOTH: 'Mobile QB (84 Speed)' AND 'Quick Feet' abilities.  IF both these abilities are used, then it is permitted to manually increase QB Agility to a flat value of 87 with Speed set at a flat value of 84.



The spreadsheet takes MOST of these rules into account automatically!  The only rules you have to keep track of yourself are the 'Forbidden abilities & ability combinations'.  Other rules listed previously can be checked quickly by looking at the ability counter to the right of the spreadsheet (pictured below):

Example Ability Counter.png

You'll notice that 'Branching Tackles' and 'Tough in the Middle' are colored red; 'Clutch' is colored yellow; and all other abilities are uncolored.  When reviewing the counter, please keep note of the coloring of the count of each ability:

Counter Color Coding.png

As written, yellow means you need to review your ability assignment and check against the rules listed above.  Red means you've violated the rules and need to review and re-assign the ability(ies) per the rules above.  Uncolored counts mean that the ability assignment meets the rules.

This same color coding applies to the Tier and Point counters at the bottom of the spreadsheet:

Tier and Point counters.png

If there is anything wrong with the spreadsheet where something isn't working or is not consistent with the rules listed above, please either PM me or @tjspeaks directly, or post in this thread with attention to @tjspeaks and @HeavyHitter55.

If there are any questions in general, please post or PM me directly!

EDIT 7/28: Spreadsheet attached

EDIT 2/9: Link to download new spreadsheet:


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25 minutes ago, dazzo47 said:

Thank you very much Double HH!

Great job!

Np, honestly I think this sort of break down has been long overdue. I apologize for the length...

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Just for the record (we have always used these)

CAG NFL tie breaking rules:

(i) Head to head match-up

(ii) Who beat the highest ranked team?

(iii) Who lost to the lowest ranked team?

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Edit update (#2 of 7/28):

  1. Spreadsheet attached.
  2. Input added to spreadsheet at top left of spreadsheet for record input of previous season.  Depending on this input, the total number of points adjusts for this according to the rules (162 points or 169 points; 0.500 or not).

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Edit update (#3 on 2/9/19):


  1. Points changed as follows:
    • Gold: 8 points per unrestricted ability
    • Gold: 24 points per restricted ability
    • Silver: 5 points per unrestricted ability
    • Silver: 10 points per restricted ability
    • Bronze: 3 points per unrestricted ability
    • Bronze: 3 points per restricted ability
    • Copper: 2 points per unrestricted ability
    • Copper: restricted abilities not allowed
  2. Total team points have increased from 162 to 226.
  3. Each tier now has a point cap as follows:
    • Gold: 96 points
    • Silver: 80 points
    • Bronze: 54 points
    • Copper: 56 points
  4. Additional points for sub 0.500 previous CAG season increased from 7 to 11

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If you downloaded the spreadsheet since it was posted in the last hour, PLEASE DELETE.

An error was recently found and corrected.  The corrected spreadsheet is linked in the original post.  Please use this moving forward

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