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News: Sea of Thieves' Kraken Versus Megalodon Is a Pirate Nightmare

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A Sea of Thieves player captured a once in a lifetime moment straight of a pirate nightmare.

Reddit user ClawofChaos was sailing with his crew when the unthinkable happened… his crew was attacked by the Megalodon AND the Kraken at the same time. While it’s not unusual to find yourself wrapped up in the slimy embrace of the Kraken, or hunted by the angry mega shark on the Sea of Thieves, the coordinated sea-monster Blitzkrieg is incredibly rare.

But it gets weirder. Turns out the two monsters don’t have much love for one another either. In the above clip, there’s an insane moment where the Megalodon moves in to ram the ship just as the Kraken slams its tentacle over the deck and… effectively punches the shark in the face.

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