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Guess who’s back?

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1 minute ago, NTQ03 said:

Thanks. I Just need to figure out how to view it so I can just write it down and then submit it to get hexed.

Do you have a app store for a free spreadsheet viewer? Bc that's what I use in my galaxy on 5 to submit my spreadsheet 

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14 minutes ago, AllenJD4lifeProductions said:

Do you have a app store for a free spreadsheet viewer? Bc that's what I use in my galaxy on 5 to submit my spreadsheet 

Probably. I’ll check.

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@NTQ03, welcome back bro!!!

Spreadsheet attached.  PM me with any questions.  For now - the basic rules (off the top of my head so forgive me if there are any I miss):

  1. Can use each ability 3x each on offense and defense except for:
    • Leadership Bonus (2x each side of the ball as long as one of those is on a lineman); meaning, you cannot use Leadership Bonus on a DB and LB, but you can on a DB and DL - same for offense.
    • Clutch (same rules as Leadership Bonus above)
    • Restricted abilities (Quick Release, Branching Tackles, Work Horse, Route God) - see number 4 below.
  2. Cannot use Clutch on any receivers (TE/WR)
  3. Cannot use the following ability combinations:
    • Laser Arm + Rocket Arm (unless being used on a Bronze QB)
    • Strength Bonus + Bump Master
  4. Restricted Abilities (Quick Release, Branching Tackles, Work Horse, Route God):
    • Can only be used 1 of each ability total
    • Cannot use more than 2 across an entire team
    • Cannot use more than 1 per player
    • Can only be used on G/S/B (no coppers)
    • Cost 3x more than any other ability
  5. Points are as follows:
    • Gold players: 4 points per ability (Restricted ability: 12 points)
    • Silver players: 3 points per ability (Restricted ability: 9 points)
    • Bronze players: 2 points per ability (Restricted ability: 2 points)
    • Copper players: 2 points per ability (Restricted abilities prohibited)
  6. Different wrinkle newly added: in addition to the Mobile QB ability allowing you to numerically increase QB speed to 84, if this is combined with Quick Feet, you are permitted to numerically increase QB agility to 87; see the link below for additional context.  This is still in its infancy stages, so if you have an opinion of how to adjust this, please speak up!
  7. Salary cap system: we're limited to 162 points.  The ONLY way you can exceed this, is if you:
    • Completed the necessary amount of games in the previous season; we're currently entering season 58, so you'd need to complete the necessary amount of games in season 57.  This is NOT to be confused with completing the necessary amount of games in the last season you participated in.
    • Finished the season sub 0.500.  NOT to be confused with finishing 0.500.

      If you meet BOTH of these criteria, you're given an additional 7 points (169 total) to use as you see fit.
  8. Some personal tips when using the spreadsheet:
    • Please pay attention to the color coding of abilities and the ability counter on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet.  You'll see the counter change as you populate abilities and even change colors.  When colors change, please pay attention and review your ability assignments and the amount you've assigned.
    • When building a roster, avoid using mobile devices (tablet, phone, etc.).  Use a PC if possible, even Mac (I'm not a Mac-user so I can't help in any switching between Windows and Mac).  However, I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST using a mobile device.  The reason being - this spreadsheet is locked to prevent accidental editing and/or overwriting of built-in code.  These securities are not recognizable when opening and building a roster on a mobile device.  Additionally, the presented information may not all show depending on screen size.
    • (Note that this next tip works on Windows, I'm not sure about Mac) After you've reviewed your roster and are ready to submit (formally or for peer checking), I suggest to copy all of the cells needed to post (cells A3 through BF37), open 'Paint' and simple paste.  This should paste the cells you copied as an image.  Save this file somewhere you'll find it again, and then post into the forums (or PM) as you normally would.  This ensures good image quality and makes sure you don't accidentally clip something out of your posted image.

Lastly, if you don't feel comfortable with posting something publicly, please PM myself or @tjspeaks.  I personally built the spreadsheet from scratch and have kept it up-to-date since, so if there are any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know directly.



SPREADSHEET: CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points.xlsx



(Sorry for the length - again, feel free to PM me with any questions)

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Also, I have a mic (I think it still works) so, if additional assistance is needed, I can always chat on XBL.

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Just now, NTQ03 said:

Thanks HH!

Np - LMK if I can help or clarify anything further. Or even peer check 

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4 minutes ago, NTQ03 said:

What’s the set up? 3 gold 4 silver 6 bronze rest copper?

Good question - the answer is variable.  Min and max below:

Gold: 2 min, 5 max

Silver: 3 min, 5 max

Bronze: 1 min, 6 max

Copper: flat 9

Total of 20 CAPs

This is also built into the spreadsheet counters

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Yeah I just saw that using a mobile device is no bueno for the spreadsheet so I’ll have to wait till I have access to a computer.

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It's worth noting that most guys use the combo of: 5G, 5S, 1B, 9C.

It's all about what you want. If you want to maximize number of abilities and get away with less upper tier talent, use less G&S and more B players and vice versa. Its up to you. 

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