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7 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:

@tjspeaks is trying to make me feel important. Next I'll have a CAG NFL banner on my profile. @AllenJD4lifeProductions each team is already guaranteed a bowl game. That is, unless we have an odd number of teams participating. The odd team out will be playing in the toilet bowl. Brought to you by Charmin. That said, TJ usually aligns each conferencee/division when he generates the schedule. I'm not sure we will have enough participants for more than two anyway.

That got shot down @SitnHereFlossin

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Everyone if you need a realistic numbers for any 2017 ncaa team. Please pm me and I'll get the numbers via ncaa football 14 if anyone is interested in a realistic team.

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@SitnHereFlossin Please post team build guidelines for my clarification. 
That vote had so many recounts and hanging chads, I need clarification.
Don't post any numbers - just plain English. lol

This next season will be fun - they all are.  

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@SitnHereFlossin you  said all time rosters above so I say go with that NFL greats or not (Charlie Ward anyone?)

*Top 4 goes  for the CAG Championship 

Bowl series @X2KFootballG0dX and  @dazzo0007 bowl games Semifinals

*CAG Bowl Championship game will be held in Baltimore MD/Philadelphia PA wherever the hq presented by @tjspeaks

*the other teams will play 1 EXTRA bowl game ONLY  (you'll have something to play for so no excuse for giving up this season) hosted by remaining members 

*IF There is a ODD number of teams the #5 vs #4 seed will play in a minor bowl with the member moving on to face the #1 seed in the semifinals 

* Eddie choose your spreadsheet 

*if we are down to have divisions that's up to tj we already have 3 ACC teams (or former) entered Miami (FL) Maryland Duke 

Bailed out

*in case there's ties let's try these new power rankings (That MEANS VOTE) unless you hold a head to head victory that breaks that tie

Any other info I'll check in the AM

Been up all day updating NBA 2K18 bc they refuse to update last gen :/


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33 minutes ago, tjspeaks said:

All time rosters = players that played at that school (NFL or NCAA players) correct?

Yes ex Charlie Choo Choo Justice Charie Fraiser Charlie Ward Marcus Dupree

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On 5/2/2018 at 0:44 AM, AllenJD4lifeProductions said:

I just realized I made a huge error of calculation @tjspeaks

@SitnHereFlossin & @X2KFootballG0dX voted for #1 -2

@dazzo0007 @dazzo47 and me voted for #2-3

@tjspeaks voted for #3-1

I'm willing to invoid my vote and let @tjspeaks decide between #1 and #2 since #3 is clearly wasn't chosen

My apologies 

@tjspeaks & @AllenJD4lifeProductions

#2 (all time college teams) received the most votes so that's what we're going with. This in conjunction with a playoff of the top 4 teams for the national title. Remaining teams play bowl games as well. We're utilizing the standard 162 point Excel spreadsheet team builds.

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Current setup proposed with even  ONLY amount of teams Confrences 


1. Florida State 

2. Miami

3. Notre Dame

4. Maryland

OTHER (Teams ) CAG

1. Texas Tech

2. Tennessee 

3. Ohio State

4. ? (If #8 Chooses ACC team Maryland  goes here)


Semi Finals

1. ACC Winner vs At Large

2 CAG Winner vs At Large

MInor Bowls 

6 vs 5

8 vs 7

(Conference Winners get automatically in Semifinals)(other 2 At Large)


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Currently With 7 (Would add 9 vs 8 Minor Bowl with 9 teams)

No Conferences 



5/4 vs 1

3 vs 2

MInor Bowls

5/4 (Winner faces #1 seed in Semifinals)

7 vs 6

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Current Bowl Setup As of Today (still time to register)

No Plans for divisions  9 not bowl eligible 


4 vs 1

3 vs 2

MInor Bowls 

6 vs 5

8 vs 7





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