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1 minute ago, HeavyHitter55 said:

For options 2&3, would all of the players need to be from the same college? 

Up for debate but option 3 would not be since we did a similar thing a few years ago but please give feedback if you would like to expand on the idea

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Just now, tjspeaks said:


TJ when we did the hbc a few years ago we had players that didn't go to the college on the show 1 and 2 sounded like the more popular answers but that's why I've added 3 where the majority would choose 

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Option 2 for myself I would like 2 see players from the same college if anyone needs any help I'll gladly give all time teams for references there are plenty of ideas on the internet

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35 minutes ago, tjspeaks said:

@SitnHereFlossin proposed college season, 2 golds, 4 silvers, all else bronze/copper , 4 team playoff system and flexible point system (spent you points wherever you want).  I am sure @HeavyHitter55 can produce a spreadsheet with max of x points.


> Allen is proposing other Bowl games besides the College Football Playoffs and a vote on one of these three:

(1)  2017 favorite college team

(2) All time teams

(3) HBCU schools


Please post any comments and VOTE below

Vote 1 2 and 3 

And vote 1 for cfbp only 

Vote 2 cfbp and 1 guaranteed bowl game for others 

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