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On 4/15/2018 at 9:46 PM, AllenJD4lifeProductions said:

Vote For Week #4 Game of the Week I'll only vote in case of tie as always

Browns vs Bears 

Buccaneers vs Giants 

Eagles vs Oilers

Packers vs Falcons

All votes due by next Sunday 

New Rule you may now vote for your own game just give good reasoning ( like me and my opponent have a good rivalry)(we have never been a game of the week ) or we undefeated or last playoff seed etc)

No votes send them in by Sunday!!!! all games could be considered game of the week there hasn't been much separation between 1-9. Might be the most balanced season we have had in a while 

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Short show replay will arrive shortly Episode #4 will be huge airing Tuesday at 7 pm EDT Staring Next Season CAG NFL Power Rankings!!!!

*2 Game of the Week

* A guide from all sides on who you should  pick next season on a real debate for our college season DON'T MISS IT 


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Vote for our Week #5 Inside CAG NFL Game of the Week for next Week 

Giants vs Oilers 

Browns vs Falcons 

Buccaneers vs Packers 

Ravens vs Eagles

All Votes as always due Sunday!!!

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Waiting on @tjspeaks to fill his questionnaire out then we will be able to do the show probably Thursday at 8 pm EDT want a full result of what I'm aiming for. Everyone has answered their questionnaire thanks for the quick replys

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Inside CAG NFL EPISODE #4 will air LIVE at 6:30 PM EDT Thursday on YouTube We will have a HUGE SHOW 

*2 Game of the Week #3 Recaps 

*Post game interviews from All 4 teams

*A debate that WILL impact next season as the views WILL be from ALL standpoint 

* A appetizer as I rank all teams this season in a mock power rankings



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Episode #5 WILL be the CAG NFL 58 Debate LIVE Monday Time TBA hopefully by next week we will know what type of season we will be having 

Episode #6 WILL cover Weeks #4 & #5 Airing the following week

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