CAG NFL LVII Championship!

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. It has been a long personal drought for me since my last championship and I was beginning to wonder if I had any more left in me. The competition is so tough to just get into the playoffs and I had two of CAG’s finest standing in my way during the season as it took a final drive FG win over my nemesis @X2KFootballG0dX and an overtime win over another strong @SitnHereFlossinteam to squeak in as the bottom seed. There was Flossin standing there in the first round with revenge on his mind knowing that our previous game could have gone either way. I knew I needed to change some things up and somehow I got past him again. But now can I beat my nemesis twice in a row for all the marbles?  

I was particularly happy that Sayers had such a great game, reminiscent of his 6 TD game against the Niners. I was 18 years old when the Bears drafted Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers 3rd and 4th overall in the 1965 draft. They both became my favorites and I always try to use them in CAG whenever I can. In my mind  there has never been anyone like the Kansas Comet...the way he could cut back without losing a step (which I try to emulate) and oh yeah he could catch downfield, return kicks and pass the ball.  It’s too bad his career was cut short. The late Jack Brickhouse’s favorite radio call was “Gallopin Gale carrying the mail”!  So when Sayers broke the second play from scrimmage for a TD and then a big 52 yd run down to the 2 yd line on the next possession it looked like it was going to be  “Gallopin Gale all day special delivery ground service”.  RS is always tough against the run and I couldn’t have been happier the way this game started out.  But we all know that no lead is ever safe against the Sim Champ so I knew I had to take some timely risks while protecting the football. 

It’s funny  how the late Doug Buffone’s “3 Rs for winning in the NFL” seemed to apply here. 

1. “You must run the football”, check...185 yds. 

2.  “You must stop the run”, check...0 yds on 0 carries. RS seldom runs the ball anyway but he totally abandoned the run after falling behind early. 

3.  “You must pressure the quarterback”, check...2 sacks with timely pressure at critical times resulting in some bad throws. The fat lady was already warmed up when Buffone himself got a late sack (user control) forcing the game’s only turnover. 

I must mention that the way this game started out and the way my O-line was blocking had to be frustrating for RS.  I know I have a target on my back now! Lol. 

Don’t forget Mike came within a missed  field field goal of winning against RS. Could have easily been a father/son championship game. Probably would have been 4 overtime periods. Lol. 

BTW, I recorded the game and may edit it for posting in a week or so. 

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I can almost feel your passion as I read this. Reminds me of when I won my first title. No one wanted that trophy more than me. Maybe as much but definitely not more. I was so emotionally drained after beating Pcat in the title game that I wore myself out and was fast asleep less than an hour later. Now that I'm not competing in football or boxing anymore, playing this game SOMEWHAT helps with the competitive nature in me. Losing in the playoffs sucks, but I was happy to witness you finally, once again reach the mountaintop. Congratulations again fellow Bears fan. Bear down!

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