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On 1/16/2018 at 4:12 PM, aquickassasin said:

G -     QB    Max Webb        Quick Release    Rocket Arm    4th Quarter Comeback    Leadership Bonus
S -     RB    DeShaun Pittman        Ankle Breaker    Soft Hands    Branching Tackles
B -     WR    Curt Sims        Tough in the Middle    Possession Receiver    Route God
C -     WR    Sean Mathis        Quick Feet    Break Away Burst    Hops
C -     WR    Christian Sayers    Possession Receiver    Route God    Bump Buster
C -     WR    Central Nedney        Deep Threat    Tough in the Middle    Hops
C -     WR    Jovon Curtin        Soft Hands    Tough in the Middle    Acrobatic Catches
C -     T    Lester Gildon        Strength Bonus    Stonewall    Bulldozer
C -     G    Ebenezer Waddy        Brick Wall    Strength Bonus    Bulldozer

G -     CB    Night Train Lane    Coverage Bonus    Footsteps    Closing Speed    Quick Feet    High Helmet Tackle
G -     CB    Tommy McDaniel        High Helmet Tackle    Strength Bonus    Bump Master
S -     CB    Jay Ponder        Bump Master    High Helmet Tackle    Footsteps
G -     FS    Cory Henry        Ball Hawk    Closing Speed    High Helmet Tackle
G -     SS    Jason Upshaw        Closing Speed    High Helmet Tackle    Strength Bonus
S -     OLB    Tyrone Woods        Coverage Bonus    Strength Bonus    High Helmet Tackle
S -     ILB    Dahrran Glenn        Pass Rush Bonus    Stength Bonus        Footsteps    High Helmet Tackle
S -     DE    Corey Redman        Closing Speed    Leadership Bonus    High Helmet Tackle
C -     DE    Robert James        Strength Bonus    High Helmet Tackle    Swim
C -     DT    Johnny Tingelhoff    High Helmet Tackle    Strength Bonus    Closing Speed     
C -     DT    Matt Pontbriand        Run Coverage    High Helmet Tackle    Pass Rush Bonus


I think that I got everything correct

All set:

CLE Final.png

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5 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:

B QB Gaylan Marion #11 6’3” 235 Rocket Arm, Laser Arm, Clutch

C RB Du’Shon Darby #30 6’4” 193 Power, Arm of Steel, Quick Feet

C FB Robert Berger #28 6’0” 254 Strength, Cutback, Bulldozer

S WR Craig Del #81 6’8” 238 Magic Feet, Route GOD, Soft Hands

C WR Asante Rathman #89 6’5” 222 Tough Over the Middle, Hops, Deep Threat

G TE Ellis Barnett #85 6’4” 250 Deep Threat, Soft Hands, Arm of Steel, Route GOD

C TE Roy Huard #86 6’2” 230 Acrobatic Catches, Quick Feet, Route GOD

C T Jan Cota #68 6’10” 331 Bulldozer, Brick Wall, Quick Feet

C C Dan Cook #59 6’7” 280 Brick Wall, Strength, Bulldozer

G OLB Jack Ham #59 6’2” 225 Ball Hawk, Coverage Bonus, Footsteps, Clutch, HHT

G DE Vincent Tingelhoff #73 6’7” 286 Strength, Rip, Swim, HHT

C DE Roosevelt Fontenot #64 6’0” 261 Strength, Sack Master, HHT, Run Reader

S DT Bubba Walker #63 6’2” 321 Swim, HHT, Strength

C DT Thurman Martin #74 6’0” 303 HHT, Strength, Closing Speed, Quick Feet

S OLB Dwayne Harts #56 6’5” 231 Strength, HHT, Footsteps

G CB Martin Sidney #37 5’11” 199 Coverage Bonus, Footsteps, HHT

S CB Kendrick Killings #31 6’4” 213 Ball Hawk, HHT, Coverage Bonus

G FS Jason Tatum #47 6’3” 204 Coverage Bonus, Ball Hawk, HHT

S SS Ray Smith #42 6’1” 207 Strength, HHT, Ball Hawk

K Riddick Gross #1 6’4” 168 Clutch, Kick Power Bonus

All set:

CHI Final.png

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@dazzo0007 & @dazzo47,

Draft is wide open.  Available players can be found in attached spreadsheet herein (players in red are unavailable).

EFL Player Draft Pool_Tracker.xlsx

You're permitted to select all 20 players at once (5G, 5S, 1B, 9C with only 1G, 1S, 1B on offense - any amount of Coppers on O).  Note that your selected Super Enforcer accounts for one of your gold defenders.

Once you select your players, I'll post a drafted roster with instructions of what adjustments must be made to make your roster compliant for the upcoming season.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Drafting!

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9 hours ago, X2KFootballG0dX said:

 CB Algie Patten  -     Big Hit, Hops, Quick Feet  

CB Algie Patten- Big Hit, Strength, Quick Feet

All set:

CC Final.png

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1 hour ago, dazzo0007 said:

Pending changes to adjust abilities (HHT, BH, STR, FTSPS) for compliance:

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.40.02 AM.png

Awesome @dazzo0007. I'll try to take a look tonight and update everything. 

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KC Crushers ( @dazzo0007):

KC Draft.png

  1. Replace one ability on each defender with either Big Hit or HHT
  2. Replace one ability on four defenders with Strength Bonus
  3. Replace one ability on three defenders with Footsteps
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